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Dragon Quest VII v1.0.0 Japanese

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Dragon Quest VII v1.0.0 Japanese

Requirements: 4.0+

Overview: Dragon Quest VII is a Role-Playing game, developed by ArtePiazza and published by Square Enix, which was released in Japan in 2013.





lithograph the surrounding adventure "Dragon Warrior VII" appeared in your smartphone! 

The Kirihirake the way to go its mystery of lithograph world!

App completely dropped cut! 

It does not have any additional charges after downloading. 



â—† prologue 

float one that stood in the vast sea, Grand Esther de Island. 

There had old ruins called "forbidden land". 

One day, a boy living in the port city Fish Bell, Prince Kifa Grand Esther soil, curiosity and set foot in the ruins, there would have been blown to the strange land in the found mysterious lithograph of force. In which to travel the land indicated by the lithograph became scattered in the world, boys and evoked the memory of the world that have been sealed in the lithograph, it will regain the true figure of the world.


â—† game features of the 

adventure-the Tomonisuru unique friends 

strong prince "Kifa" of curiosity in the mischievous 

hero of childhood friend, "Maribel" of tomboy 

are with always wolf, energetic and wild child "Gabo" 

In the old days, hero "Melvin" in the legend that is said to have fought against the devil with God 

and draw the blood of a certain tribe, women "Ira" blessed with talent of dance and the sword 

with them, the mystery of the lithograph world The Kirihirake the way to go interpretation!


· Lithograph collected in to a new world! 

Spread the world by using the "slate" that enters the hand in the middle of the adventure. The collected slate are the in combination to complete like a puzzle, it is possible to travel to a new world.


Variety numerous rich profession! 

If we proceed with the story so characters can change jobs at a place called "Dharma temple". The change jobs in addition to the basic ability to change and, I going to remember the various feats in accordance with the occupation!


· Numerous studded mystery dungeon! 

In the lithograph world, so that it proceed with adventure by its mystery planted in the dungeon not only battle. Repeat trial and error, and Kirihirake the way to go!



[Compatible models] 

Android4.0 or more models equipped with 

the ※ some models are not supported.


Future updates planned] 

implementation of cloud save feature


This app has no advertisements


More Info:

Download Instructions:





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