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Dark Material (Donate) - CM12 v105 hyaku go

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Dark Material (Donate) - CM12 v105 hyaku go

Requirements: 5.0 +

Overview: This theme wasn't based on Google's Material Style, but was mainly influenced by the "Tinted Status Bar" mod's results, where it completely made the action bar into one fused item.





Just to clarify, this is JUST a donate version of my free theme available on the Play Store. However, this isn't a necessary buy - It's just for a small gesture to show appreciation to the team. This version is exactly the same as the free version, except it gets updated FASTER, and without the extra app in the launcher.



Welcome to the first and original dark material UI available for the CyanogenMod 12 Theme Engine. With this theme, you can grasp that Lollipop Material look whilst not blinding your eyes as you enjoy all the eyecandy animations!



To understand why this theme doesn't follow Google's traditional "Material Dark" design with dark teal and/or blue grey, I will briefly explain.


This theme wasn't based on Google's Material Style, but was mainly influenced by the "Tinted Status Bar" mod's results, where it completely made the action bar into one fused item. I really liked this design, which made the system more minimal as it had two layers to look at, rather than 3 (Action Bar Primary, Action Bar Primary Dark (status bar darkened color) and the fragment layer (the interacting area)). The fact that I named this theme "Dark Material" over "Material Dark" was because I wanted to depict a dark, physical metamorphic rock - "slate", and it's color. As the color scheme of this theme is mainly dark (black, grey and white text), I added the word "Dark" in front of my interpretation of "Material" hence the title "Dark Material". Themes that follow Google's Material Dark, should show up as "Material Dark" to ensure consistency (see Google keyboard settings for reference).



The theme has been updated to the latest commits for January 29th. If your Settings is not themed properly, you NEED to update your ROM. This theme updates a couple times a week with better improvements and features.


For direct contact with the team, please join our Google+ community! We're not scary!: 



- MAINTAINER: This theme is maintained by Nicholas, email/xda link is linked below.

- SUGGESTION: Once you apply the theme. Perform a reboot! Any FC's, just reboot again.

- SUGGESTION: If you want to learn how to theme, check out my thread: 2-t3006339 

- SUGGESTION: If you are on a ROM with an icon that is not themed inside Settings, email me.

- PROBLEM: Nova Launcher v4.0 users, please set your card background to black or else you will have black on black text.




- POPULAR: SystemUI/Notification Drawer not themed? This is a CM12 problem. Follow these instructions to fix: thanks to Manuel and Will.

- REQUEST: Any other bugs, contact me (Nicholas) directly. Do not leave a bad rating if your bug is easily solvable.

- WARNING: All poor hate ratings with no given reason will be reported to Google immediately.



- Must have a CM12 ROM with Theme Engine installed and with the latest March 8th commits.







FIRMWARES SUPPORTED: CM12 (100%), CM12.1 (100%)

ROMS WITH ICONS: CM, Cyanogen OS, Temasek, BlissPop, Fusion, Candy5, CyanideL, LiquidSmooth, Euphoria OS, Team OSE, AICP, Validus, Nameless, CarbonRom, Flex OS, Dirty Unicorns, PAC-ROM and Resurrection Remix.


What's New 

ATTENTION: Do not have FB Chat Re-enabler or ANY hacked version of apps AND complain about theme uninstalling - as well as have Google Deskclock installed (MUST BE COMPLETELY UNINSTALLED, NOT FROZEN). These are common theme engine install issues.

Major Updates:

- Added inverted G+ overlay

- Add new QS tiles for ROMs that support it

- Add new contextual headers

- Fixed a ton of bugs

- much more...(can't fit in this)

This build is a huge bug fix/feature request/design change build. Enjoy!


This app has no advertisements


More Info:

Download Instructions:


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