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A2+ Surface measurement v3.3

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A2+ Surface measurement v3.3

Requirements: 2.1 and up

Overview: Measure any surface, perimeter and distance with mode manual or automatic.




A2 is an application dedicated to the surface measurement, perimeter and distance. The land measured can be in the world and can be of that magnitude. This application is useful for measuring agricultural land, sports, roofs of houses, plots but also lakes, countries, continents etc. ...

The display area may be: m2 square feet, square yard, and are hectare.

A2 can measure and display the perimeter of the ground and intermediate distances. The measurement can be displayed in feet, Inch, Yard or Feet.


A2 can save plans, edit them and export them via e-mail and Bluetooth with the format "KML" (for use with software like Google Earth, Google Maps, Google Mobile, World Wind, Sketchup ... ).

A2 uses Google MAP and GPS for geotagging.


Multilingual: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.


A2 has 4 operating modes:

- GPS: The user is on the ground to measure. It validates a series of points that best describe the ground through the position provided by GPS.

- GPS AUTO : The user is on the ground to measure. The application automatically takes the points with a regular time interval.

Just move yourself along the ground so that its outline is drawn. The time interval is adjustable from 5 to 120 seconds. The automatic mode can be stopped and restarted at any time.

- Manual: the user enters the points manually without having to travel by locating on the map.

- Mixed: the user is on the ground and grabbed the points via GPS and can be added manually (for example access difficult).

The calculation of the surface is effected and displayed at each point before. The result can be stated in m2 square feet, square yard, are, ha.


Flexibility of A2.

- Automatic recording of points with a regular time interval.

- Viewing the perimeter and intermediate distances.

- Viewing a compass and altitude for better geolocation.

- Address search to easily find a field to be measured.

- Information on the items seized:

At any time, the user can know the GPS coordinates of points entered.

- Manually move a point:

Each entered point can be moved with the finger to adjust its position.

- Deleting a point:

A point can be deleted individually.

- Manually inserting a new point between two existing points:

You can insert a new point between two existing points to refine the tracing of the plan.

- Display of the surface:

The area is calculated and displayed before each new point.

- Archiving of measures:

Each field measured can be archived with a custom name. Each record can be reopened and again be edited.

- GPS reception indicator:

The icon at the top right corner of the application indicates the quality of GPS reception. Green indicates good reception, orange and red mean a poor reception.

- GPS Information:

The "information" button will display the location information from GPS.

- Export plans in the format 'KML':

To export a plan with the format 'KML', you must go to the backup list and press the icon 'email'. A2 adds, in the e-mail, the plan attached. You simply write the recipient and send the message.

- The backup list shows the date, the area and perimeter of the land saved.

- Function "undo" to undo the last action performed.



Several measurement options are available:

- Unit of measure: meter, inch, feet and yards.

- Surface unit: m2 square feet, square yard, are, ha.

- Map Type: Map, Satellite, Hybrid (map + satellite).

- Accuracy in GPS mode: <100m, <10m, <5m. This option will not allow the seized one point if the GPS accuracy is below the setpoint.


What's New


Ability to use a Bluetooth external GPS to improve geolocation.


This app has no advertisements


More Info:


Download Instructions:



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