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3C Toolbox Pro v1.4.9 Patched

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3C Toolbox Pro 1.4.9 Patched
Requirements: 2.3 and up
Overview: aka "Android Tuner Pro"
The most comprehensive toolbox to save battery, tweak, tune, backup, secure and monitor any Android devices running any ROMs, any kernels (from Android 2.3 up-to Android L).
☺ Replaces 20+ apps easily worth 30€ or more ☺
☺ Getting started: http://www.3c71.com/getstarted
☺ App screenshots: http://www.3c71.com/screenshots
☺ App benchmarks: http://www.3c71.com/benchmarks
☺ Best on rooted phones, works well on stock phones too
â—Š Permissions requested: http://www.3c71.com/permissions
â—Š Open-source APIs used: http://www.3c71.com/opensource
♦♦ Feature set (some require root access, try free version first) ♦♦
â–º Device manager *1
â—Š Device profiles (CPU, IO, components)
â—Š Tasks scheduler (app management, clean-up, etc)
â—Š Device watchers to automatically activate a profile, run tasks or display alarms
â—Š Battery savings using profiles and tasks
â–º File explorer *1
â—Š Batch copy/paste, zip, delete, move, share and stream files and folders
â—Š Change files/folders permissions and ownership
â—Š Access all your Samba network shares
â–º Application manager *1
â—Š Backup and verify app apk/data (multiple versions), sms and call-logs
â—Š System app uninstaller and update cleaner
â—Š Share and backup apps to e-mail, DropBox, GDrive, etc...
â—Š Move any apps to user, system, SD or link2SD
â—Š Freeze/unfreeze apps, crystallize (eg hibernate/greenify) and control app startup and events
â—Š Zip align, clear cache, wipe dalvik-cache, fix permissions and optimize databases
â—Š Control app notifications, permissions, locker (secure access), rotation and force screen-on *2
â—Š Usage and standby statistics (find app draining your battery)
â–º Network manager
â—Š Set WiFi access point priority
â—Š Configure Android firewall, TCP Congestion, DNS *1
â–º Task manager
â—Š Check CPU, network and memory usage
â—Š Kill (default) or force-stop *1 any apps or kernel processes
â—Š Automatic task killer, memory booster, memory cleaner
â–º System Control *1
â—Š CPU governor, frequency, voltage, GPU controls, thermal and MPDecision controls
â—Š Build.prop and sysctl editor (basic and advanced mode)
â—Š Boost, analyze and benchmark SD cards
â—Š Android memory manager, memory cleaner, SD linker (directory binder)
â—Š fsync, sweep2wake, gamma and fast charge control
â—Š Safe: restore defaults from app or recovery and CPU settings on boot-loop
â–º System Monitoring
â—Š All Android applications or all processes, battery, CPU, network, memory
â—Š Component states (WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, 3G, Phone, APN)
â–º Status bar notifications
â—Š Battery, cpu, memory, sd, temperature optionally with graphics in drop-down
â—Š Add battery remaining bar on top or bottom
â—Š Remove original battery icon
â–º Highly Configurable Widgets
â—Š Resizable gauge widget
â—Š 1x1 and 2x1 (PRO ONLY) text widgets
â—Š 2x1-5x2 graphic widgets (PRO ONLY)
â—Š 1x1 and 4x1-1x4 (PRO ONLY) toggle widgets *1
â—Š 4x4 summary widget (PRO ONLY)
â–º System Toggles (manual widgets or in profiles)
â—Š GPS, WiFi localization
â—Š WiFi, BT, BT discoverable, APN, NFC, airplane
â—Š Tethering (USB, WiFi, BT)
â—Š Brightness, screen time-out, stay awake, flashlight
â—Š Ringer, vibrate, synchro, background data
â—Š Debug (over WiFi), unknown sources, USB storage, reboot
â–º Terminal Emulator & Script Editor
â—Š Command history
â—Š Run or test any scripts, optionally on boot
â—Š Share scripts, commands and outputs
â–º System Logs Reader *1
â—Š Logcat or kernel messages
â—Š Advanced filtering and search
and much more that meets the eye ☺
*1 Requires root and kernel support for full feature
*2 Requires root and Xposed framework
Caution: Rooting and root brushing your mobile device can compromise its performance or cause malfunctions.
What's New 
3C Toolbox Pro is the must-have toolbox for Android users
NB: Contacts permission has been there for 3 years, it's not new, but removed for any Android 4.4 and above. On older Android versions it's used to backup call-logs!
Should you experience issues, please send details using a support request from app settings, help and support
Add support for LG G4 Quick Circle
Add supports for Inno D6000
Keep awake while applying profiles and tasks
Fix analyzer missing component states graph
This app has no advertisements
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