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SuperSU Me Pro v9.1.5 Proper Patched

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SuperSU Me Pro v9.1.5 Proper Patched

Requirements: 4.1 and up 

Overview: (KingRoot 4.1 users, install this AFTER you have rooted with KingRoot !!)

(Kingo Root users / KingRoot 4.5 users just install it and run it)




(KingRoot 4.1 users, install this AFTER you have rooted with KingRoot !!)


(Kingo Root users / KingRoot 4.5 users just install it and run it)


Guys, please leave a review so I can get a feeling of how the program is working.. If I ask you to email me and you do not, don't complain about it not working for you. I will work with you to resolve the issue.


So unfortunately the rooting methods available to most Android users has diminished over time. Fortunately there are some good rooting programs available though. One of these is Kingroot. While it is good at doing what it is intended to do, we do not know for sure all of the information it is collecting and sending to China. So with all of that said, this program will remove all of the Kingroot applications and associated binaries and install SuperSU and allow you to update the su binary, etc..


This is the process that you MUST follow in order for this to be successful prior to KingRoot 4.5:


* Once your device is rooted install this application, do not install it prior !!


If you have temp root and are on KingRoot prior to 4.5 you will need to reboot your device first, re-root with KingRoot and then install this application AFTER you are rooted and run it.


If you are on KingRoot 4.5 or higher you should be all set to just install it and run it at any time after root.



- Please leave a review, I need to hear from you

- Code cleanup and KingRoot removal process tightened

- Kingo root users, on Stage 2 the app might hang, just force close it and run it again..

- Revamped the UI process, there will be two presses of the Big Blue button now

- Watch for SuperSU to prompt you for root access at re-launch

- Yes you will now be prompted for SuperSU to update binaries, just choose Normal.


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More Info:


Download Instructions:



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