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Delight Games (Premium) v1.7

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Delight Games (Premium) v1.7

Requirements: 2.3 +

Overview: Now you can get all 23 Delight Games interactive novels with NO ads. And when a new interactive novel comes out, you get them on Premium first. This is our flagship product!




For a one-time up front purchase, you get ongoing ad-free content without IAP's or worry about getting gouged later. There's nothing else like it on Google Play!


If you're new to Delight Games you might say "Interactive novels? But I don't like to read." You might even say this in a whiny voice (although we hope not).

Well, even for you book haters, now reading is addictive because with Delight Games interactive novels you make the choices for the main character, alter the story, alter your stats, and try to stay alive. Can you make it to the end? If so, what kind of score and rank can you get? Can you do this for all 23 novels with more on the way?

Fantasy, horror, mystery, adventure, even some romance. Immerse yourself in new worlds!

If you like interactive fiction or just want to try something different from the typical soul-sucking mobile games, this is the ULTIMATE download for you!


Unique features include:

✔ No ads

✔ You get new novels with updates on Premium before anywhere else on Google Play.

✔ Now accessible to blind users (e.g. Talkback compatible). 


Novels included:

✔ 6 volumes of Wizard's Choice (medieval fantasy)

✔ 9 volumes of Zombie High (zombie apocalypse)

✔ 3 volumes of Detective's Choice (noir mystery)

✔ 2 volumes of Bionic Bikini (sci-fi humor)

✔ 2 volumes of Witch Saga (fantasy set in the 1930's)

✔ 1 volume of Pirates Never Die (pirate adventure)

✔ 1 volume of Deep Space Huntress (space opera)

✔ 1 volume of Superhero's Choice (superhero adventure)


What's New 

Zombie High Volume 9 is live and you are the first to play it! 


This app has no advertisements


More Info:

Download Instructions: 


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