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Call of Victory v1.7 [Mega Mod]

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Call of Victory v1.7 [Mega Mod]

Requirements: Android 2.1+

Overview: The great war raging in Europe happens and you 're in charge ! Lift your head and get out of the line of enemies !




Plunge straight into the greatest conflict of the 20th century in Call of Victory . Command your own army and lead your troops to victory in this strategy game in real time. Assume the role of a general and fight alongside his brothers as they strive to change the course of history. Reclaim conquered territories and restore order where would be a peaceful land ...

Arts in Strategy and Wisdom !

Arrange control and 40 different units and authentic century . Keep in mind that these units specialists in espionage can be used to keep an eye on the enemy . Only becoming a master in its strategy and use your troops wisely can hold territory and ensure victory .

New Military Units and Weapons !

Dozen squads of all kinds (such as a sniper rifle , sniper , flamethrowers , Grenadier , soldiers with bazookas , etc. . ) And a handful of air carriers authentic ( as B -17 and Ju87 ) are at your disposal . At its headquarters , may recruit an infantry or panzer build the most powerful armored unit , The Super Pershing .

Survive the Epic Battles !

Fight on real locations throughout Europe including London , Paris , Berlin , Warsaw and Amsterdam . Command your troops through forts , bunkers , barbed wire , tank traps and landmines to take the outpost of the enemy , and defeat hostile enemies along the way !

Multiple modes of play !

Multi player online as well as a long campaign and skirmish as options on 4 challenging maps will be available with a unique visual (city , mountains and forests ) . Use your Google account to login + , racing your circle of friends . The first time you build your first tank and decimate the battlefield , the game will keep you busy with 30 + exciting achievements and a challenging score of the leader .


Mega Mod:

Coins Gained Immensely Increased

Gems Gained Immensely Increased

Level Capped

Can Switch Countries

Removed Ads Completely

Google+ Sign In (Has To Be Rooted)


This game has Google Mobile Ads advertisements




Call of Victory v1.7 [Mega Mod]  -  33.3 MB


Non Rooted:

Call of Victory v1.7 [Mega Mod]  -  33.4 MB

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