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GREENiSCORE PRO Battery saver v1.0.29-pro

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GREENiSCORE PRO Battery saver v1.0.29-pro

Requirements: 2.3+

Overview: GREENiSCORE is the best application for easy battery saving. Enhance your battery life in the most simple and efficient way.




Use GREENiSCORE and take back the control of your device!

This is the GREENiSCORE PRO version. Compared to the free version, you get the following benefits:

• ALL the Profiles are customizable,

• Graphs spread over 14 days instead of 7.

Do you find this a bit light? Well, so do we :-) This is why we offer this app at a low introductory price. Future updates will offer more features, that's promised!

Buy now, and take advantage of the introductory price, while having the guarantee to receive future updates for free!


Note to Lollipop (android 5) users: due to a Lollipop evolution, our app (like all other apps) is not able to switch Mobile Data on and off anymore. Apart from this, it works fine.


Key features



This score represents your current Settings' quality. The higher it is, the longer your battery life.



To easily increase your battery life, just select the Profile best suited to your situation. Et voila: all your device's settings are optimized. You get the best trade-off between desired usage and power saving. Don't miss the widget, for even easier swapping between Profiles!

This is the PRO VERSION: all Profiles are customizable!


Remaining battery life estimation

GREENiSCORE looks very precisely at you battery consumption, in order to assess your remaining autonomy. Its self-learning mechanism constantly improves the quality of these calculations. These are not standard figures, they are the result of the analysis of YOUR usage pattern. These assessments improve with time.

(Please note: the remaining estimated autonomy is only that, an estimation. Your real autonomy will depend on your use of the device during this remaining time - which we can not predict.)


My GREENiSCORE - pick up a badge!

We do not worship immediacy. Sure, you will make rapid autonomy gains by using GREENiSCORE. But we all know that it takes time to really improve oneself. That is why the "Habits" stars are only available after a full week, and your own GREENiSCORE will only show after a full month (yes, we said a MONTH) of analysis ! It is not that easy to get a good GREENiSCORE. Will yours be high enough to deserve a bronze, silver or even gold medal?...


Easy access to all Settings

On the My Settings screen, you will find at one glance, all of these power-consuming features: wi-fi, bluetooth, NFC, brightness... all there for easy switching, on a very user-friendly screen.


Battery history

Check your battery consumption on the last 2 weeks (PRO version) and see your progress!


Easy advice

If you are looking for some advice to enhance your battery life, read our simple tips for Settings' tweaking and battery saving.



This is just the beginning

We are full of ideas for improvements, and really working hard on exciting new features. Feel free to tell us if you have any suggestion, or if any trouble should arise while using the app. We will answer you, here or on the main social networks.



About all these permissions

We need to be granted access to some settings, in order to switch them on or off. We DO NOT access the setting's "inner" values. For example, we need to be granted access to the GPS antenna, but we DO NOT access your geolocation information. This does not interest us.

GREENiSCORE sends data to our cloud services once a day, because we use this data to compare the battery performance of the makes and models. This sending is completely anonymous. We CAN NOT link this sent data to any real device or person. To make it simple: preservation of users' privacy and protection of private data are amongst the principles in which we believe, for a greener world.




NEW : Notifications, for new users and when your GREENiSCORE changes

"My Battery" screen now shows battery level and estimated battery life

Added a "data available in..." countdown after first install.

Fixed a bug happening after upgrades from older versions


This app has no advertisements


More Info:


Download Instructions:



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