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Widget Maker Key v1.0.3.1 Patched

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Widget Maker Key v1.0.3.1 patched

Requirements: 2.3 and up 

Overview: This is the Key for Widget Maker. It does nothing on its own. Upon purchase the Key will unlock the demo version of Widget Maker and grant access to all previously created widgets and panels. The key is not visible in the app drawer but can be removed via the application management interface.




Widget Maker is a unique application which allows users to create panels - superwidgets as we like to call them - comprised of other widgets installed on your device. You can fine tune the position of many elements and their alignment to fit more stuff on your screens in a neater arrangement.

If you use our awesome Meta Widget, this app will also help you correctly create panels with lots of complex widget elements like tables or squeeze a larger number of comic strips into the confines of your home screen.

As an example, have a look at screenshot No.3 - it shows a collage of twelve Yahoo Finance stock quote charts taking up an entire home screen.

Please note that some widgets are not fully supported, including a number of stock Google ones.

This DEMO application will function for 7 days, after which time you will be prompted to purchase the KEY if you want to continue viewing your panels.

INSTRUCTIONS - to get started, simply open the app, create a new panel and add new widgets into it by pressing the + sign in the lower left corner. Once a widget has been added you can move it around the grid much as you would on your home screen.

NOTE - once you have saved a panel, it can be added as a widget through the widget picker. On some Android versions, you may have to manually stretch the widget once it has been added.


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