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*Lovely* Clock Widget v1.0

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*Lovely* Clock Widget v1.0

Requirements: 2.1 and up 

Overview: Enjoy 16 types of cute and lovely clock widgets ♪

Just install these heart and ribbon adorned widgets to your home screen to instantly make it cute!

Customize your clocks to fit your mood for the day!

●Widget size: 4x2 (Large), 2x1 (Small)





・Design selection (16 types in total)

・Second display ON/OFF

・Selection of time display 12-hour display (AM/PM)/24-hour display

★What’s more, if you buy our SWEET Style app now you’ll get free wallpaper images, too!★

Download several different wallpapers designed for girls, for free!

New designs are added every Monday!

Increase your girl power with these cute Home Screen wallpapers ♪

※ These free wallpapers are the same as those from SWEET Style, Animal Style and Simple Style.

*Recommended For*

・Want to use a cute and fashionable clock

・Want to change their home screen to a girlish type♪

・Like cute designs such as , hearts, ribbons, etc

・Users who want to use their icons as part of a set, combined with a wallpaper etc.

★*―――*★ *lovely* design series★*―――*★*

â– SWEET Icon Change *lovelybox*

â– lovely folder *girls*

â– Memo Widget *lovely*

*Terms of Use*

This application is a Clock designed to be installed as a widget.

《How to Install the Widget》

1. Hold down your finger on the home screen※ → 2. Tap “Widget”  → 3. Select the app from the Widget List

※Remember to hold down your finger on a clear space without any other icons etc.

《Selecting a widget’s size》

During the widget installation process, you will be shown this application’s 3 different sizes.

Select the size you want your widget to appear at this time.

But if you are using the app from an SD card, the Android OS will not permit use of these widgets.

When using the widget, please ensure you have chosen “Save to Device” during app installation.

《Transferring the App to your Device from an SD Card》

1. Settings → 2. Apps → 3. Manage Apps →

4. Select ” *Lovely* Clock Widget ” → 5. Select “Move to Device”

※Depending on your Android device, the widget may not be available to select from the Widget List immediately after it has been transferred to the device from an SD Card. Should this happen, please restart your device and try again.


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