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Scientific Camera Pro v3.7.3

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Scientific Camera Pro v3.7.3

Requirements: Android 4.1+

Overview: A powerful scientific super zoom camera also serves as a telescope, a magnifying glass or a flash light in dark.



A powerful scientific super zoom camera also serves as a telescope, a magnifying glass or a flash light in dark.

When hardware zoom stops, digital zoom takes place, when digital zoom stops, imagination takes on. Small foot print, powerful concept (80 x virtual zoom power for pro version, with live tele-mode). This app utilizes maximum megapixels with new 2k, 4k screen resolution technology.

The gallery is located under /Pictures/ScientificCameraPro.

1. The horizontal zoom bar represents the hardware camera's digital zoom.

2. The vertical zoom bar represents the virtual zoom power,

3. The focus box locks the virtual zoomed picture.

4. Optionally, touch binocular button on title bar, or the letter "W" at bottom-right corner to switch to "T" (tele-mode),

5. Hit the bottom-left camera button or just doubletap the screen to take the shot.

Most clear pictures with tele-mode using advanced algorithm.

On screen menu / context-menu for "Best Shot", "Effects" and "White Balance".

Flash-mode, auto / off / on / torch give user more choices in situations.

Wide angle mode with focus box make it easy to focus and take picture by default.

"Info Era" menu option to show google-glass, iwatch and Sci-Fi like "Geo Info" and "Weather Info" on upper right corner, which could be imprinted onto pictures. "Heart Rate", will show heart beat rate BPM and red cell density [0-255] in 10 secs when you press finger tip on rear camera lens. "Heart Rate" option to monitor BPM through rear camera. "QRcode/Barcode" option allows detection of QR code from last photo taken, and if it represents an URL, the webpage would be shown.

This digital camera idea is inspired by my childhood experience on building powerful telescopes with low powered lens.

The sleek/cool UI layout and two dimensional zoom control pattern are copyrighted by InfoPlus.


science, college, school, students, engineers, effects, editing, best camera, recommended camera, collage, photos, pictures, health, D-SLR, CCD, CMOS

What's New

3.73 menu info era -> Sensors: add light, magnet, pressure, sound, TPR detection.

3.72 menu: info era -> Heart Rate.

3.66 menu Info Era -> QRcode/Barcode.

3.60 support for switch to/from front camera, allow imprint of geo, weather info into photos, pictures

3.58 display setting to control exposure, hue, brightness and contrast

80 x virtual zoom power, gives you another dimension for tele-zoom, categorized as basic microscope when viewing object at close-up.

Officially supporting Tablets.

This app has NO advertisements

More Info:

Download Instructions:


-> direct download


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