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Z Launcher v0.1.0 Mod (Root Check Removed)

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Z Launcher v0.1.0 Mod (Root Check Removed)

Requirements: 3.1 +

Overview: Did you know every time you shuffle a deck of playing cards, you’re making history?


At Nokia we’ve been thinking about ways to make smartphones easier to use, and there’s one problem we’ve thought about a lot; how to find stuff right when you need it. Today, people have an average of 48 apps on their phones, and that number is growing. When you add in contacts, web content, and tasks, it’s easy to see how tricky our devices have become to use.

Did you know every time you shuffle a deck of playing cards, you’re making history? With 52 cards to a deck, the number of possible combinations is so huge that your combination probably never existed before. Our phones are starting to feel this random too.

Finding the right app or contact – your Ace of Spades – constantly changes depending on where you are, what you’re doing, and what time of day it is. We’re introducing a pre-beta version of the Z Launcher to help change this.

As soon as you install and start using Z Launcher, it starts learning what you use throughout the day and automatically surfaces whatever you’re most likely to need at the right moment.

Z drawn in sand

We also added a feature called Scribble – a fast and fun way to find anything on your phone in as little as one second. We’re used to tapping away at our phones to find things – rooting through folders, swiping and scrolling. Scribble makes this easier: Simply draw the first letter of what you’re looking for, right on your screen. Ta da! Z Launcher brings you the right app, contact, or task practically instantaneously. Or, as we like to say, less tapping, more apping.

The more you use it, the better it gets at predicting your every whenever/wherever/whatever. This way your smartphone becomes more than a constantly shuffling myriad of stuff – it’s truly your device.

We’re releasing the first version of Z Launcher with a limited number of downloads initially, to see how it works and learn from your feedback. In the next few months we’ll provide updates on new versions, features and availability.

Thanks for joining our project. We hope to make Z Launcher even better with your help.

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More Info:

Download Instructions:

Android 3.1+ to Android 4.0.4


-> direct download


Android 4.1+


-> direct download


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