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How to: Download from,, & others

Let me get right to the point: If you are having trouble downloading from hosting services such as uploads, zippyshare, etc. to your phone it's due to one simple reason: You are using the wrong browser

You need to use Opera Mobile Web Browser

Let's pay a visit to one of my favorite websites in Opera Mobile.


Let me pick a thread at random that has annoying shortener


Wait 5 sec then Press "SKIP AD"



Behind adf.fy link is a host that does not require to be premium member to download fast.

In our case is ... Press "YOU CAN DOWNLOAD NOW" ...You can pick where to save it to or just leave the default location




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I have a question. In Germany i can use this download method? This file sharing is legal? Because bittorrent download is 100% illegal and copyright material download costs 1000s of euro if they catch.

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