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Aura Zodiac Pro v2.2

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Aura Zodiac Pro v2.2

Requirements: Android 3.0 and up

Overview: Astrology - it's our profession . Aura Zodiac - program for professional astrologers

and students of professional astrology.



Astrology - it's our profession . Aura Zodiac - program for professional

astrologers and students of professional astrology.

Does not require connection to the Internet ( it is only necessary to send

requests through the program ) . NO ADS .

The main limitation FREE- Version: ephemeris for 1900-2020 years. Limited to

septener (7 planets). 1990-2020 gg. - No restrictions ( 15 planets).


The program includes:

* Comprehensive database of coordinates 138 000 settlements with a

population of 1,000 people , and even less ( city names are presented

in several languages ​​making it easier to search)

* The latest amendments base astrological time for all the settlements

listed in the early 20th century to 2014

* Latest ephemeris NASA declared with an error less than 1'' (current

pro version includes astrological ephemeris for 1870-2050 years. And soon to be expanded)

* Astrological Ephemeris major planets , the Lunar nodes , Chiron , Lilith , Proserpine

* System houses : Cosmogram , Placidus , Koch, Equal by Asc, Equal

by MC, Morinus , Meridian

* 20 visual themes


Key features:

* Natal chart ( natal horoscope )

* Interpretation ( rising sign , planets in signs , planets in houses , houses in signs )

* Aspektirovanie planets and house cusps

* Transit map

* Dynamics of time

* Dynamics of transit

* Dynamics of progression ( 3 types)

* Solarium ( with the ability to quickly build transit to Natal )

* Allocation of long-term aspects of

* Isolation and / or disable the divergent aspects

* Database with the ability to import and export (format astroprocessor Zet 9.0)

* Table dimensions

* Table rulers

* Table speed planets

* Table of the elements, crosses hemispheres

* Table of houses and signs

* Additional tables

* Setting up and dynamics of orbs

* Flexible interface and astrological chart (size, elements , etc.)

* Screenshots (including a delay of 5 and 10 sec.)

* Setting the display and aspektirovaniya planets / cusps

* Displays the phase of the moon and planets speed radials

* Ability to send error reports and suggestions directly from the program

* Displays degrees of planets and cusps (including minutes ) on an astrological chart

* Ability to insert data into a format astroprocessor Zet clipboard

* On-line help ( for processing in version 2.0 )


Functions that will be included in the next version :

* Formula Shestopalova

* Lunar

* Links with stars

* New interpretations

* Four kinds of directions

* List of progressive and directional aspects with the possibility of fine tuning

and quick construction of an astrological chart for each event / aspect in the list

* Fast rectification based progressions / directorates

* Create and configure your own themes

* Switch between "average" and "true " lunar nodes and Lilith


We will be very grateful to you for your feedback , bug reports and suggestions.

Together we can create the present modern and handy tool for the professional

astrologer , which is now so lacking among astrological Android- applications.

What's New

2.2 - Bugs fixed; clockwise chart; no read phone state permission.

2.1 - 12 new themes (9 dark). Bugs fixed.

2.0 - Many updates. Progressions, house aspecting, interpretations, delayed

screenshots, new settings, bugs fixed.

This app has no advertisements

More Info:

Download Instructions:

Download from:


-> direct download

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