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problems with Android GPS (5" tablet)

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Just purchased a car GPS unit which runs on Android 4.0.1..basically its a 5" tablet with all the bits and pieces to be used as a navigation device in a car..

It has plus & minus features on it when compared to win CE devices..

Plus features are like the wi-fi ability,better battery management (so far) etc..

I installed iGO Primo 2.0.1 Explay Infinity II (07 Feb 2013) on it and playing about for the last few days..

All my other previous devices have been running WinCE so i seem to expect the same behaviour but i was wrong..

First off all,it crashes a lot, which i never had on WinCe...It wont show Altitude and the most important..unlike my WinCE will not automatically switch off when power supply is switched off!! this is very annoying.!!

has anyone else have any experience with these devices?

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