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Battery level PRO v15.0

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Battery level PRO v15.0

Requirements: Android 2.0 and up

Overview: A great HD WIDGET to monitor the level and condition of the battery.



HIGH definition. The widget has been tested on the most Android devices

with different operating systems, and the result was excellent.

A great HD WIDGET to monitor the level and condition of the battery.

Graphic simple but exceptional. The widget is designed to achieve

excellent performance while saving as much as possible battery, memory and resources.

The colors of the widget vary from state to state and battery level.

The default colors are:

* Green - Battery charging (0% - 100%)

* Blue - Battery not charging (21% - 100%)

* Yellow - Low battery (11% - 20%)

* Red - Very low battery (0% - 10%)

There are also:

- advanced battery status

* big widget

* name of status

* temperature of the device

* battery technology

* battery voltage

* battery health

- history level, temperature and voltage

Displays a diagram showing the battery level

in the last period for up 24 hours.

- Battery Usage ( only if supported )

- Install widget instructions

- Custom colors task ( color, light, halo of light, round corner )

- Statistics task ( Max temperature [°C],Max voltage,Max charging time,

Max charging delta level,Max not-charging time,Max not-charging delta

level,Last charging time,Average charge per hour,Average discharge per hour,

Remaining charging time,Remaining discharging time )

- 3 different size for widgets.

- on/off airplane mode.

- Ability to choose two colors at once

Not all statistics will begin to work immediately because they need data

to work with. A step of charging / discharging is considered such if it varies

at least 5% of the battery.

Note: Not all devices support effective monitoring of the temperature and battery voltage.

The screenshots have been triggered by an emulator so the values of

some sensors are zeroed, and the precision of the graph is low because

i manually insert values.

The widget has been tested on most Android devices and works perfectly.

Required Permission:

- Execute at startup.

The application uses this option to autoavviarsi to extract when you need

information on the battery. Without this option, the user each time the

device would have to open it or have the widget installed.

- Write settings

This permission allows to turn on/off airplane mode

However it is possible to disable the auto start (only works if the widget

is not installed).

This app has no advertisements

More Info:

Download Instructions:

Download from:


-> direct download

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