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Sygic Navigation 13.1.1 Beta 1 - Full

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Sygic Navigation 13.1.1 Beta 1 - Full


How to install:

1. Copy on sdcard the Sygic folder from this archive:

Download from

Download from

2. Copy into Sygic/Maps folder desired maps.

3. Install Sygic 13.1.1 Beta 1 - Full from here:

Download from

Download from

4. Start Sygic application.

What's new

- Very easy way how to implement your points of interest into Sygic GPS Navigation.

- Extension for TripAdvisor,


Sygic Places - Sygic 13.1.1+


TripAdvisor (Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Dublin, London, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Rome, Vienna) (Austria, Czech, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, UK)

Download from

Download from


- Compatible with Sygic 13.1.1+

- Copy all folders from archive on sdcard into Sygic folder.

- Compatible with TeleAtlas and Navteq maps.



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