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Hidden Camera Camcorder Spy (MCamera) v3.1.1

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Hidden Camera Camcorder Spy (MCamera) v3.1.1

Requirements: Android 2.3 and up

Overview: (Black Screen + High Resolution Video Recording + Hide Folder + Background

Recording + Back Camera + Front Camera)



Updated: April 26, 2014

※Do not use it for any illegal work.※

※It is your own responsibility for using it※

* Galaxy S5 *

For Galaxy S5 , The menu Key is gone, so Long Click Multitasking Key will be the menu key.

Why is this camera application good for you?

(Black Screen + High Resolution Video Recording + Hide Folder + Background Recording + Back Camera + Front Camera)

1. The preview screen will be all black like when the phone is turned off. (No one will know you are taking a pic)

2. If you press menu button, there is start, stop, setting buttons.

(There is update for selecting controller function for devices not having menu key such as Galaxy S5, Nexus5, and so on.)

3. The shutter sound is not muted so You should press the start button before you record something or someone in front of them.

4. Stop button as well.

5. The save folder is 'MCamera' and You can use Show/Hide function when you press menu key, there is a setting for this(that means your own secret folder!!)

6. You can change resolutions you want.(It depends on what device you have. some devices will only provide the lowest resolution.)

7. The Screen will never be turned off if you do not turn off. The app will continue recording unless the sd card in full.

8. Back and Front Camera is available to use.

9. Background Recording is available.

Thank you and have fun with it! cctv hidden spy video camera! it is not silent camera

What's New

*update 2014.04.26*

Update function for Selecting Controller

*update 2014.04.17*


*update 2014.03.26*

App version in setting

*update 2014.03.23*

1. Facing Camera is available

2. background recording more stable

*update 2014.03.02*

Android 4.4.2 KitKat thumbnail bug fixed

*update 2014.02.23*

A lot of changes!

1. Background Recording is available

2. Samsung S Cover View is available to use

3. Setting Menu Changed

This app has no advertisements

More Info:

Download Instructions:

Download from:


-> direct download

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