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Adithya: Astrology FULL v1.3

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Adithya: Astrology FULL v1.3

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up

Overview: Adithya is an app for astrologers who practice vedic astrology(Indian system)


It gives almost all calculations required for an astrologer. This app also gives prashna ganitha, required for AshtaMangala Prashna which is practiced mostly in South India. Kannada, English, Malayalam and Hindi languages are available in single app. South Indian and North Indian style of kundli also available.

Key Features :

- Simple and user friendly user interface optimized for Android devices.

- Large city data base with accurate latitude, longitude, timezone with facility to add custom city data.

- Sidereal planetary longitudes along with nakshatra and pada with retrograde info.

- Sunrise and sunset details with both upper limb and center limb theories.

-Rasi, Navamsa and Bhava Kundli with both South Indian and North Indian styles.

-Bhava sandhi positions.

-Panchanga with thithi, vara, nakshatra, yoga and karana at the time of birth.

-Dasa bhukti ending dates.

-Shadvarga lords D3, D2, D9, d30, D12, D1 (according to Varaha Mihira's Brihajjathaka method).

-Ashtavarga bindu sankhya for 7 planets with sarvashtaka varga.

-Trisphuta, Chatusphuta, Pancha sphuta, Prana sphuta , Deha sphuta, Mrityu sphuta and Sookshma trisphuta (required for Ashtamangala prashnam) .

-Dhooma, Vyatipata, Parivesha, Indrachapa and Upaketu positions.

Free version gives only limited results.

What's New

- New locations added

- Improved GUI

- Font issue resolved

This app has NO advertisements

Full version features are unlocked!!

More Info:

Download Instructions:

Download from:


-> direct download

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