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Micromix v2.2

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Micromix v2.2

Requirements: 2.3 +

Overview: Micromix is the latest new game created by the innovative Game Studio 60mix. 

Enjoy a motivational game in which you are the DJ of your own adventure, and complete the entire game in just 1 minute.




That does not mean that the game is short; the levels are randomized and you will create a complete new adventure each time, enhancing an infinite re-playability.


Explore and connect incredible worlds with powerful enemies, but you aren't alone, you count with the "Mixers", characters that will fight for your music.


Also, discover the most inspirational and stunning songs by "Pinkzebra" (Full licence granted to Micromix and 60mix Game Studio).


We have a new server for the playlist set hosting with instant streaming, also we added new songs every week, discover them all !!!


Support Micromix with a little price without ads to support us to add more features to the game like multiplayer and more!! You can always try the game for free at facebook! Enter to our community and participate to make along us the best game ever: https://www.facebook.com/micromixonline!!!!!!


Today is the day that we will change your world on a new way! Today we are releasing Micromix 2.0, a Social Experience with SoundCloud Streaming and Facebook integration!!!! 


Discover the most popular Mash-ups of SoundCloud.com created by recognized artist of the World!!! Each Micro-Level has his own playlist set with secrets Mash-ups, discover them all!!!!


As a Social Experience, you can vote at our fan page http://www.facebook.com/60mixthe Mash-ups that you want to play inside Micromix every week!!!


Every Week we would be adding new amazing Mash-ups for real streaming right inside Micromix, but you don't need to update weekly because us manage the Micromix playlist Online!!!


Do you prefer the Pinkzebra motivational songs or you don't have internet connection? No problem!!! You can choose between the games modes as you wish!!!


Also, new features and Micro-Levels are coming!!! Stay tuned!!!


Now is your turn to improve the game, is up to you to change your world, it's time for Micromix.




* More Worlds Stages.

* More Motivational Music.

* Multi-player and New Game Modes.

* More items and accessories.

* Character Personalization.

* And More!!!


It is time to mix your world, it is time for Micromix!!!


Micromix 2.2 - Update to be included on Games for Family.

♫ Activation of Multi-thread rendering.

♫ Removed hard shadows.

♫ Automatic detection if use OpenGL 2.0.

♫ Reduced size of texture atlases.

♫ Reduced loading time between levels.

♫ Improved texture performance to reduce draw calls.

♫ Increased general performance during the micromix levels.

♫ Fixed some crash and hangs on some older devices.

♫ Changed Shaders to mobile versions to improve game overall speed.

♫ Reduced installation size.


This app has no advertisements 


More Info:


Download Instructions:





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Extract OBB folder

Copy 'obb' folder to 'sdcard/Android/obb'

Install APK

Launch the Game! :)

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Extract OBB folder

Copy 'obb' folder to 'sdcard/Android/obb'

Install APK

Launch the Game! :)

Thanks for the info bro..

Samsung Galaxy SM-A500H

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