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Safe / Vault - TimeLock PRO v1.0.16

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Safe / Vault - TimeLock PRO v1.0.16

Requirements: 2.3 and up

Overview: The first application security , unique in the world




TimeLock PRO â„¢ : Real Security that never fails. Every minute, every hour.


The new TimeLock â„¢ application is not only a timeless clock with alarm function , it is also a high-security vault for your personal photos and videos . The vault is completely invisible and hidden in the design of the watch.


TimeLock â„¢ incorporates a powerful vault that protects exhaustively all the photos and videos that are inside while offering an unsurpassed usability .


It's like a safe which encrypts photos and videos

Using the latest technologies in safety , except TimeLock â„¢ keeps all your photos and videos with military-grade security , and the entire contents of the vault is encrypted with strong encryption algorithm AES ( Advanced Encryption Standard ) 256 - bit .


The encryption algorithm AES -256 -bit is one of the safest in the world and is used , for example, to encrypt top secret documents from the military.



Perfect harmony between visibility and invisibility


TimeLock â„¢ not only impress with its simple timeless design or shelf clock with which you can wake up in style , but also combines functionality and style wisely.


TimeLock â„¢ can be used naturally or placed on a writing table or nightstand.

And if you look at the time again from a new perspective , you will realize the harmonious working together how a clock and a safe :


No one will have any idea that there is a highly safe and secure safe hidden inside a clock .

The genius of TimeLock â„¢ is the safe, which is hidden and fully integrated into the functional design of the clock : the hands of the hour and minute of the watch can easily enter your access code to four digits. Legible both in analog and digital format .




- World first single

- Timer arbitration in analog and digital format, with built-in alarm . Ideal for use as a desktop clock .

- High Security Safe Built to personal photos and videos .

- Encryption AES 256- bit

- Hover and safely if lost Autodestrucción device

- Intelligent Viewfinder ProtectStar â„¢

- Store photos and videos securely

- Creating Directories

- E-mail technical support


What's New

+ Minor improvements & bug fixes.

+ Font Size by 2fingers scaling.


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More Info:


Download Instructions:



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