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Day after Night Pro LWP v1.21

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Day after Night Pro LWP v1.21
Requirements: 2.3+
Overview: Day after Night Live Wallpaper Full Edition portraits the four significant moments of the day, from dawn to dusk, followed by a magnificent artistically interpreted night scene.
Savor an intense blend of graphics with relaxing sounds that bring peace and comfort in any stressful situation. Between each times of day, the scene will smoothly fade from one time of the day to the other.
Enjoy the dynamic environment with constant movement of particles such as dust and flower fluff at day or fireflies at night. See the sun rise and set along the course of the day. Enjoy colorful butterflies during the sunny day accompanied by sparrows and storks. The night sky is dominated by an impressive artistic moon, but also by twinkling stars. Every part of the day can experience weather changes, such as clouds and rain, but also wind which interacts with parts of the scene, such as the particles and the tree.
The app is also optimized for saving battery, CPU and GPU memory. This came with a little cost on the visual experience but we hope that it is unnoticeable.
Please, note:
* We recommend to install the free version first, just to be sure that the app runs properly on your device. *
* The transitions of the time of the day do not adapt to the user' location. * 
* If the application runs slow on your device, disable the particles and lower the general quality setting. *
The full version includes:
All times of the day:
- Full weather system. The user can utilize a location based weather system which synchronizes with the local weather, a random weather generator but can also specify his own weather preferences.
- Raindrops and steam on the screen during the rain
- Toggle-able ambient sounds for all the moments of the day
- Auto-scroll option
- Disable swipe navigation
- Fireflies
- Dynamic star particles
- Bats
- Shooting stars
- Storks and sparrows
- Flower dust and fluff
- Rainbow
- Procedurally colored butterflies
Almost all the presented features have options to enable or disable them. If you would like to watch our video demos check our facebook page.
Device requirements:
We recommend devices that are less than three years-old. The oldest device we have tested on was a Samsung Galaxy Ace, a four year-old device. The overall performance was good at high settings with particles enabled.
Location permission, used for the weather API that requires it. Internet permission to query the weather state at your location. We do not collect ANY of your personal information!
If you find a bug do not hesitate to e-mail us, a fix will be delivered very soon. If any other problem or crash occurs or your are not satisfied with the application, do not hesitate to e-mail us for a refund!
Location based sunrise and sunset based on the primary location are here!
Please, make sure you that select a proper primary location. Timezone differences will produce wrong results if you do not use your location.
Feel free to contact us if you find any bugs or errors related to our new feature.

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