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Bluetooth Battery Watcher v1.0

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Bluetooth Battery Watcher v1.0

Requirements: 3.1 and up 

Overview: Bluetooth Battery Watcher Widget

This is a simple widget that will track your Bluetooth Device/Headset Battery usage by timing your Music/Media Play Time as well as Standby Time. It will then provide you with an accurate estimate of how much time is left on your Bluetooth Device/Headset battery life.




Use the Media and Standby Battery Life estimates provided to you by your Bluetooth Device manual or simply use this widget to calculate how long your device is able to run on a full charge to better set the estimates based on your personal usage.

Widget usage details:

- Double tap on the Progress Circle to reset the time

- Single tap on the Time Info to change the timing estimates and configurations

This Bluetooth Battery Widget is compatible with all Bluetooth Headsets and Devices that support mono audio or A2DP profile.


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More Info:


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