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Parapaper Cm12 Indigo v1.0

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Parapaper Cm12 Indigo v1.0
Requirements: 5.0 +
Overview: Parapaper indigo is a Cm 12 theme. This theme is ONLY compatible with Custom Roms running on android version 5.x.x. Enjoy this theme and don't forget to rate it !
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You want more accent ? Check my Google PlayStore and Google Plus account to be stuned ! 
Sweet status bar animations were added ! Screenshot, Google play Music, Vibrator and more.. 
more than 40 material design inspired icons are included in this theme ! 
You have here the list of themed apps : 
-Android Framework : Actions bars get accent color; 
-Settings : Innovative CardView with header; 
-SystemUI : Dark CardView panel 
-Stock Sms App 
Some Google apps : 
-Google Keyboard, 
-Google Keep, 
-Google Music 
and more. 
-Stock apps like dialer and contact 
Social Apps like : 
-SnapChat (Inovative !)

This app has no advertisements

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