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Smart Utilities v4.8

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Smart Utilities v4.8

Requirements:  Android 2.1+

Overview: Smart Utilities allows you to capitalize on the full potential of your smartphone by using simple and functional utilities




- Memory Boost (Tool to empty the internal memory; thanks to a tap on the graph users can display all running processes. These one can be selected or deselected, if deselected the app doesn’t close them)


- Bluetooth (Info and bluetooth activation)


- Battery (battery level, temperature, voltage, status and health)


- Ram (an allocation of free and used RAM)


- CPU (CPU frequency, technical details and usage)


- Wifi (info and wifi activation)


- GPS (info and GPS activation)


- Network (info on your network and web provider)


- Apps (List of installed apps; users can open or unistall them just scrolling their titles on the screen)


- Storage (Users can check the internal memory and sd-card)


- Device Info (All features of the smartphone)


- Cache Clear


- System Clear


- Weather


- World Clock


- Call Blocker


- Password Manager




- Level (Measuring instrument used to determine the slope of a surface in relation to an horizontal plane of reference)


- Compass ( Device used to determine geographic direction)


- Torch (The flash of your camera could be used like a real torch, thanks to a tap on “menu option” it will be more useful and faster)


- Metronome ( Device used to mark time by means of recurring ticks at adjustable intervals)


- Satellite finder ( A satellite signal meter used to accurately point satellite dishes at communications satellites in geostationary orbit)


- Speedometer (It is a gauge that measures and displays user instantaneous speed during a path, jogging time)


- Speed connection (app that shows user Internet connection i.e. during a download/upload)


- Sound Level Meter ( The microphone can measures the sound pressure level in decibel dB)


- Converter Decimal-Binary-Hex-Octal


- Protactor (Device measuring angles in degrees or radians)


- Altimeter and Barometer (an instrument used to measure the altitude of an object above a fixed level thanks to user GPS localization and barometric pressure)


- Photometer (Thanks to the light sensor indicates the intensity of the light and also allows you to check whether it is appropriate for the activity that is taking place for example reading or writing)


- Magnetometer (a measuring instrument used to measure the strength of magnetic field, if user’s smartphone has an integrated sensor)


- Task Killer


- Radio (User can select and listen to his favorite radio stations, including foreign stream)


Wifi File Explorer


- This utility can connect Android phones with another smartphone or a PC without data cable. Once the app will be installed, users will reach a connection on FTP protocol. User can copy or eliminate files like a normal USB connection. The FTP connection is not complicated. You should insert the address returned from the app in the address bar of any Windows/MAC window, or any other Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox browser. To link two smartphones users can use a simple file manager like ES File Explorer, exploiting its features in order to interface each other through a FTP connection. Wifi File Explorer works with any FTP client i.e. FileZilla.


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