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HTTP Query Builder v1.0

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HTTP Query Builder v1.0

Requirements: Requires Android 1.5 and up

Overview: HTTP Query Builder is a tool to build any HTTP query. It allows executing both GET and POST queries to any URL with any parameters. 






HTTP Query Builder is a tool to build any HTTP query. It allows executing both GET and POST queries to any URL with any parameters. The parameters may include User-Agent, cookies, HTTP post variables, etc. Once the query is executed, its result is shown in fully featured browser. After that, you can continue browsing keeping the set parameters on (cookies and User-Agent).

Problems with viewing your favorite website? Most likely this is because that website recognizes that you are using a mobile phone browser and provides you with its much lighter version, e.g. without images or with a limited functionality. Now you can trick those websites to think you are using a conventional browser. All you need to do is just select a browser from the User-Agent list of HTTP Query Builder before visiting the website. You can choose Internet Explorer (up to version 8), Mozilla Firefox (up to version 3.6.13), etc.

But that's not all. You can also trick the website you are visiting that you are a search engine bot. Thus you can verify what will the most popular search engines' bots see when indexing your website. Your web designer assures you that your website has been optimized but you still don't find it in search results? Well, find out yourself what those search engine bots see when they visit your site to index it. The User-Agent list includes Google Bot, Yahoo Bot, Alexa Bot and Bing Bot.


Saving Queries


HTTP Query Builder allows saving queries. Each query details contain: URL, query type (GET or POST) and optional parameters (cookies and/or user-agent). 

You can load any saved query and execute it at any time. A saved query can be deleted.




- Testing web pages in normal and extreme conditions.

- Keep frequently used queries in the list and run them with a single click.

- Exploiting a hijacked session (e.g. from Wireshark)



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