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G2 Xposed [Unlocked] v2.0.7

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G2 Xposed [unlocked] v2.0.7

Requirements: 4.2 and up, Root, LG G2

Overview: Complete Nav Bar Customization - Transparent bar - More!

ONLY For the LG G2.


** Must be rooted **

Complete Nav Bar Customization - Transparent bar - More!

Translated into Russian, Korean, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Vietnamese, Chinese, Arabic, and Hungarian

View screenshot gallery for all the features! -

Too many to list!


- Black status bar

- Brightness and Volume slider remover

- Volume notification pane button to switch modes

- Replaced menu key with recent apps key (Long press for menu key)

- Cleaned up recent apps panel (removed clear and task manager)

- Added menu overflow to all apps


- Added option to remove brightness from notification window

- Added option to remove quick settings from notification window


- Complete navigation bar customization, 7 different key choices

- Navigation key and glow color options

- Navigation bar size selection

- Option to remove either the volume, brightness, or both sliders

- Disable the navigation bar for pie

- New settings layout


- Fixed any system crashes when keyboard was open

- Added an additional 4 long press button actions

- Added blue color to buttons

- Added new help menu

- Added remove carrier label from notification panel


- Fixed any system crashes when keyboard was open

- Added an additional 4 long press button actions

- Added blue color to buttons

- Added new help menu

- Added remove carrier label from notification panel


- New long press volume key music switcher

- Brightness and Volume sliders can now be toggled through the settings button in the notification panel

- Transparent status and navigation bar (Works on your default launcher)

- Black statusbar now merged into colored navigation and status bars

- Navigation buttons can now be customized live (no restart required)

- Hide AM/PM from clock

- Hide clock

- Hide battery icon

- Hide alarm

- Hide Carrier label (in status bar)

- Center Clock

- Ability to completely disable all navigation bar modifications

- Fixed navigation keys from not setting in landscape

- Fixed disabled navbar from showing up in landscape

- Fixed navigation key images not centering vertically


- Peek - Status bar system icons will be hidden until pulled down with the status bar

- Full control over all the system status bar icons

- Ability to set the volume key long press when the screen is off

- Fixed force close on some roms, mainly with the transparency settings on

- Lots of other minor fixes and improvements


- Added ability to change navigation bar key icons

- New color picker options for glow, keys, and status/navigation bar

- Split options for the status and navigation bar colors and transparency levels

- Support added for SplitView mod


- Added toggle to disable status/navigation bar colors

- Small icon next to color pickers for visual flare


- New two finger swipe gesture on status bar to show quick settings and brightness/volume bar

- Live wallpapers now work with the transparent navigation and status bar

- Added torch to volume keys

- New landscape volume key preference. When you rotate your phone sideways it should now use that preference

- Added stock setting to volume key customization. Should fix issues with those who have passlocks on

- Reworked the volume key skip track function, should now play nice with all music apps


- Fixed the long press key from hiding the quicksettings


- Fixed the issue where two finger pull down was not working on some devices


- Completely revamped the look and feel

- New lockscreen settings

- New hide notifications section

- Allow all rotations toggle

- Lots of other changes and improvements

- Support for AOSP devices and roms

- Add kitkat like shadows for the launcher, camera, and lockscreen

- Change button color to white for launcher, camera, and lockscreen


- Massive update!

- Bleed Immersive mode [http]

- Added KitKat theme by OCK as well an Expanded KitKat Theme

- Added search key

Ran out of space, now on version 2.03

Much more! Look at the in-app change log for all changes

What's New


- Fixed the navigation bar resizing in KitKat

- Fun new look

- Added shadows back to KitKat when bleed immersive is disabled

- Fixed verizon hide data icon when wifi is on

- Fixed notification panel carrier text

- Removed navigation bar resizing on kitkat until a fix is ready

- Couple of small small setting fixes and tweaks

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