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Materilean-cm12/12.1 v1.0.0

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Materilean-cm12/12.1 v1.0.0

Requirements: 5.0+

Overview: ★★★★Materilean is finally here★★★★


xlwOv1cb2-uWfDkwOlntmPa0NlPy0JZMtENG0zg5 zPg8PXt2gstbKf2HOKIGvc_4jIZGBC1Knu4dp3mC


This is a theme collection with an highly precise style that all of your friends will envy

All system apps got themed!

Supports for Exodus rom, Revolution remix, Cyanogenmod (obviously), Project X, Dirty unicorn, Aicp, Aosip, Nuclear, Eos, Euphoria Os 

Third part apps:

google messenger


Google Play music

Google plus






and much more!!!

★★★(more the app get updated more the themed apps will increase)★★★


System icons:

There are a lot of system icons themed like in settings and quicksettings and something more :D

and overall animated icons :D


Icon pack still in development about now there are 38 icons.


This app has no advertisements



Materilean-cm1212.1 v1.0.0 - 13.5MB

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