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Muslim Prayer Times Pro v2.08

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Muslim Prayer Times Pro v2.08

Requirements: 2.3.3 and up 

Overview: Muslim Prayer Times Pro is the follow up to our original prayer times app. This app calculates the prayer times using your location just as before but now offers more customization.

All proceeds from this app will be donated to the Helping Hand Orphan Support Program, insha'Allah. Please donate to this program to help children in need: http://www.hhrd.org/osp/





- Calculates the prayer times for the current day (7 methods: MWL, ISNA, Egypt, Mecca, Karachi, Tehran, Jafari)

- Automatically silences your phone's ringer for Jummuah on Fridays between set times

- Displays a Hijri calendar with the option of displaying the prayer times of a day in the future

- Shows the direction of the Qibla from your location

- Finds your location automatically, by searching for your city, or by coordinates

- Fires notifications at the specified prayer times


- Notifications can use your own Adhan (app comes pre-installed with Fajr and regular Adhans)

- Display prayer names in Arabic or your own language

- Display the Hijri date and use 12/24 time

- Shows the time since the last prayer and time until the next one

Please check with your local masjid to verify prayer times. All calculated Qibla directions are approximate (due to assuming the Earth as a sphere).

** If your are experiencing incorrect prayer times, please send a screenshot of the location settings screen (with lat/long & timezone) to [email protected] so we can diagnose issue. Ma Salaam **


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