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Transparent Material - CM12 v1.8

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Transparent Material - CM12 v1.8

Requirements: 5.0+

Overview: Like a glass!! This is Transparent Material theme for CM12 (Cyanogenmod 12) and other custom roms with theme engine. Many apps of your rom will become transparent! You can choose a wallpaper and use it as background for your apps. Every time you change wallpaper, you have a new theme! I suggest to try this theme also with live wallpapers.


0FaK_-ZLDxTOWKJbkd_SmIr1ibMMsP6cm_fOQ34K a3lulg5fUD5OCx1Eg0Ynl-nRh2OsBe2hdF9m7SG0


like very much new material design, in particular all the colors. So this theme will apply transparency but in the same time will keep the original colors and beauty of apps themed.


Please read full description and FAQs (http://spam.com/PPlT3y) before purchasing or leaving a bad review. If you have any problem or question, email me and I will help you.


This theme is available also in other two verions: red and orange. You can find them in my developer page here on playstore if interested.



Support for all features of theme engine, in particular:


-wallpaper and lockscreen wallpaper (the one included is the one of first screenshot)


-icons (icon mask for all icons with transparent white circles)

-custom bootanimation


-alarm tone

-notification tone


What's New 

*1.8 version:

-fixed clock app transparency: now 50% like other apps themed!

-themed cellbroadcast

-fixed a white color in settings/lockscreen/owner's infos

-if you like, add me on google plus: http://spam.com/AFm9wU



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