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Bluetooth connect&Play Donate v2.03.47

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Bluetooth connect&Play Donate v2.03.47

Requirements: 2.3 and up 

Overview: Bluetooth Connect & Play

This is the [DONATE to EDUCATION] version of Bluetooth connect and Play.

Read the full story here: http://cp2-software.tumblr.com/

The app is designed to tie the Bluetooth connect event to playing the music player of your choice. The [Donate to Education] version has been created to allow for donation into elementary education.

Every dollar made from the purchase of this app will be donated to the developers local Elementary school PTA

The difference between Free and DONATE is the links to ask to donate are disabled.

For full details about the app, see the free app description





Update 9/17/2014

Going into 2014/15 school year donation next month will be $600 plus $600 company matching dollars so $1200 being donated to PTA in my school district. Thank you for support!

Update 12/27/2013

Approximately 80 donations via this app and a direct $20 donation via Paypal. Thank you so much to the generous donation! So, 80 downloads @ $2.29 * 0.7 (store fees) is about $130 + $20 direct = $150 plus company matching dollars (dollar for dollar match) =$300 ! Great start in 2013 for apps for education.

Update 10/24/2013

PTA invest for success campaign has almost equaled last years donation level of $70,000 dollars. Our donations are in there!

Update 10/5/2013:

PTA formed a Dads Group (promoting male influence in elementary school). Money contributed to class supplies in this case funding the Dad's group painting walls for teachers for educational emphasis

Update 9/20/2013

With the start of the 2013 school year, these donations, along with my personal donations, have helped:

1. Purchase Math Manipulatives:Visual tools to help kids learn math skills, Blocks, sticks etc..

2. Puchase STEM (Science, Tech, Math) materials: this year Science LAB equipment has been purchased.

Original Description:

Have you ever wanted to get into your car and when Bluetooth connects to your phone the music just starts playing where it left off in the player of your choice?

This app is designed to tie the Bluetooth connect event to playing the music player of your choice. Unlike other auto-play options, this allows you to select the specific player that should be used. Do you want Spotify instead of Google Music Player, you can select that, do you want TuneIn instead of the Core Android music player, no problem.

Why would you want this? Some Bluetooth receivers do not play at all, some target the stock music player, this puts you in control of what happens when Bluetooth audio connects.

**Important Note**

This App assumes you already have the subject Bluetooth device Paired to your phone using the BT device manufacturer's unique approach. It won't help Pair the device, the list that shows (as in the App picture) is a list of Paired (sometimes called Bonded) devices.

This App starts a Music App by package name and broadcasts "play" to start the player. NOT all players support this.

* Maple MP3 player. Note: Must set "Respond to Headset Buttons" to ON

For a Bluetooth device to play music, it must support the A2DP standard, otherwise it can't stream music (http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bluetooth_profile)

Explanation of Permissions:

* Network/Create Bluetooth connections: Obvious

* Phone Calls/Read phone state: If in a phone call, this app will wait until you hand up to start the music player

* System Tools/Change Wifi state: there is a Tweak that can turn off the WiFi if you want when Bluetooth connects.


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