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FolderSync Pro - Back&Restore v2.2

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FolderSync Pro - Back&Restore v2.2

Requirements: android 2.3 and up

Overview:  Keep your phone/tablet and your Dropbox in sync at all times. Safe, Stable, battery efficient and full two-way sync for Dropbox. It can be used to backup and restore files for your phone. Easy to set up for daily use.





★ Full two-way sync. Just like Dropbox on desktop

★ Flexible options when files changes on both phones and Dropbox. Configure to Upload local, download remote or just skip them.

★ Very efficient, consumes almost no battery if there is no change detected and will not slow down your phone either

★ Very easy to set up. Once set up files will be kept in sync without any effort from users

★ Works reliably under ever changing network conditions on your phone

★ Configurable autosync interval: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, every hour,...

★ Many sync modes. Not only two-way, you can also choose Upload only, Download only, ...



1. Link to your Dropbox at the first run

2. Set up sync-up folders.

3. Configure sync-up preference.

4. Enable "Auto Sync-up" for automatic sync or Just click "Sync" to start sync by manual


Long click folder to view more options


DropboxSync is designed to be a daily tool. Please feel free to send me an email if any questions or feature requests. Thanks.



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