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BusyBox X+ vX+ 30

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BusyBox X+ vX+ 30

Requirements: 2.3 and up

Overview: The definitive busybox binary installer for Phones, Tablets and TV's.


The definitive busybox binary installer for Phones, Tablets and TV's

BusyBox combines many essential and standard Unix tools into a single compact binary suitable for embedded devices such your Android Phone or Tablet. BusyBox has become an extremely important and popular tool for Android users who have a rooted device. Most Rooted apps rely on the standard Linux/Unix environment given by busybox to perform various low level system tasks. The BusyBox X+ installer makes installing the busybox binary much easier and painless than other through a KISS approach. The installer supports all device form factors such as Phones, Phablets, Tablets, TV's, Android TV Stick/Box and soon Google Glass. Also supports all architectures such as ARM, MIPS and Intel x86 devices with a single App.


+ Quick and Easy to use

+ Installs the latest busybox version 1.21.1

+ Supports ARM MIPS and x86 unlike others

+ Self contained, so no additional downloads like the others

+ Installer + ARM, MIPS and x86 binary is only 2.4 MB

+ Most complete busybox binary with 300+ builtin commands

+ Can be used without root via decaf mode

+ Extensive busybox documentation



+ Safe - Installs to xbin binary directory / does not mix up with system binaries

+ Fastest growing BusyBox Installer, number 3 on the store within the first 6 months

+ Exponential growth and acceptance - Been around for a year now

+ Balanced updates - we do not update like crazy

+ Always the latest version of busybox


+ No bang boom or progress bars like we are used to... ;)


+ Have a rooted device

+ Enable allow all or press allow during Superuser prompts

+ Optional: Have Android Terminal Emulator Installed for decaf mode

+ Uninstall other offerings to prevent malfunction


BusyBox X is KISS. The useful buttons are the install and decaf. Pressing the decaf will give you a shell where you can try out busybox without root and without installing.

Installing the binary

+ Press the Install Button

+ Press Allow or enable Allow always when Superuser / SuperSU prompts

+ See if the bottom left icon turned green

+ Be happy and share your joy


The decaf button doesn't seem to work...

+ Uninstall BusyBox X and Android Terminal Emulator

+ Install Android Terminal Emulator from Play Store and wait for it to finish Installing

+ Install BusyBox X from Play Store

+ Click the decaf button and smile

+ Uninstall other offerings to prevent erasure

BusyBox Version



Use the support button within the app to send me a support email. Please do not use reviews as a method of support. Reviews are not notified via emails from Google. For better support use email.

Business hours:

Contact: Robert

Mon-Fri: 13:00 PM - 19:00PM, 23:00PM - 03:00 AM (IST)

Sat-Sun: Holiday, I do respond if its urgent.

If your email did not get a reply within 4 hours, please resend the email - I may be overloaded at times.


Why would I need busybox?

Most rooted apps rely on busybox. So any user who has a rooted device or a Linux/Unix lover would need this.

Does this Root my device?

No. But the installer requires a rooted phone.

Why should I use BusyBox X+ over others?

BusyBox X+ is KISS, and does only one thing, installs busybox quickly. The binary that comes with it is complete with 300+ commands - that's almost twice as many as other offerings. All architectures are supported and there are no additional downloads as opposed to other offerings - the installer comes packed with ARM, MIPS and x86 versions of the binaries in a small size. Plus it comes packed with a extensive busybox documentation!


BusyBox Sources can be found here:

What's New

+ X30 - Rebuilt using a newer compiler for possible performance boost

+ Symlinking for both install and busybox shell for Safer installs and wider support

+ Changed from page UI to Ultra Simple Chocolate Bar inspired look (KitKat/Fruit and Nut :))

+ Added Decaf Mode to enjoy BusyBox without Root! (You need Android Terminal Emulator)

+ BusyBox X+ is now compatible with ARM, MIPS and Intel x86 CPU based Android Devices.

This app has NO advertisements

More Info:

Download Instructions:

Download from

Download from

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