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Exodite: Space action shooter v0.9 [Unlimited Money]

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Exodite: Space action shooter v0.9 [unlimited Money]

Requirements: 4.0+

Overview: Welcome to scifi bullet hell pilots!


Exodite at a reduced price for early birds!

Shillem is a space freelancer doing the same courier job over and over again. But now the entire universe boils with war and you’ve just found something that turned all heads against him. His only is friend CU4T3 the robot amigo will help Shillem to survive aganist hordes of Exocorp ships. If only he could figure out what the hell is the package he's carrying he might survive...

Exodite is a fast paced side scroller space shooter for Android with detailed 3D graphics. Players will force their way through levels packed with deadly enemies, missiles and lasers. Each weapon has limited ammo, so players must carefully think before they shoot.

Versión 0.9 changelog:


- New ship: Akuma

- tutorial fixed

- Autofire fixed for external controllers

- Drag control is more sensible now.

- External controller fire/change weapon buttons are swapped (for xbox 360 controller users)

- back button now works in shop & level selection screens

- frontblaster not being hit fixed

- Miniboss hit fixed

- Shop improvements: ship stats are now shown.

- CU4T3 model fixed.

- Screen FX button removed.

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More Info:

Download Instructions:

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