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Andromizer Pro v4.3.5

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Andromizer Pro v4.3.5
Requirements: 3.0+ | ROOT | Busybox | Modded Google Play
Overview: Andromizer is a universal tools that can be used easily and safely. Can be use the settings, tweaks and tools on Android devices.
Andromizer is a universal tools that can be used easily and safely. Can be use the settings, tweaks and tools on Android devices.
*Requires ROOT and BUSYBOX*
[supported Devices]
All of Android Devices(Phone,Phablet,Tablet...)
[supported Android]
Android 3.0 or higher
[*] Settings [*]
One-Touch Settings
WiFi Scan Interval
WindowMgr Max Events Per Second
Force GPU Rendering
LCD Density
Dalvik Heap Size
Wipe Dalvik-Cache
[*] Tweaks [*]
One-Touch Kernel Tweak
Governor Control(Custrom Kerenl)
CPU Voltage Control(Custrom Kerenl)
GPU Clock/Voltage Control(Custrom Kerenl)
Battery Charge Control(Custrom Kerenl)
Build.prop Manager
System apps Remove/Restore
3G/4G Tweak
CPU Settings
I/O Scheduler Settings
Memory(RAM) Settings
[*] Tools [*]
One-Touch Optimize(for low spec)
IMEI(efs) Backup/Restore(Specific Devices)
Kernel Updater(Specific Devices)
Recovery Updater(Specific Devices)
Make kernel update(flash) zip(Specific Devices)
Make recovery update(flash) zip(Specific Devices)
ROM Cleaner
User apps and data Backup/Restore
System app\'s data Backup/Restore
SMS Backup/Restore
Call logs Backup/Restore
[*] TWRP Manager [*]
TWRP One-Touch Backup
TWRP One-Touch Restore
TWRP One-Touch Wipe
TWRP One-Touch Installer
Recovery Boot
[*] Philz Touch Recovery [*]
Philz One-Touch Backup
Philz One-Touch Restore
Philz One-Touch Wipe
Philz One-Touch Installer
Recovery Boot
[One-Touch Kernel Tweak]
* Depending on the type of kernel is displayed and can use it.
CPU Scaling/Governor
CPU Suspend Scaling
I/O Scheduler
Front Buffer Early Suspend Delay
CPU Idle Mode
Multicore Power Saving
Dynamic FSync
ZRAM Settings
Touch Wake Control
Fast Charge Control
SD card read ahead buffer size
[specific Features]
IMEI(efs) Backup/Restore
Kernel Updater
Recovery Updater
Kernel/Recovery Updater
Recovery Boot
Make kernel update(flash) zip
Make recovery update(flash) zip
[specific Features] - [Galaxy S4]
[specific Features] - [Galaxy S3]
[specific Features] - [Galaxy Note 1]
[specific Features] - [Galaxy Note 2]
[specific Features] - [Galaxy Note 10.1]
[specific Features]-[VEGA Iron]
That occurs while using this application developer are not responsible for any problems.
Using this program means that you agree with the statement above.
Own Your Risk!!
[Ver 4.3.5]
System apps manager features are improved.(for Rollipop)
a little improvement of Custom Kernel Setting features.
One-Touch Tweak bugs are fixed.
Battery Charge Control bugs are fixed.
This app has no advertisements
More Info:'>>
Download Instructions:

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