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Space Outlaw v1.1

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Space Outlaw v1.1

Requirements: 3.0+

Overview: This is one of the many adventures of Kyira. A smuggler, ace pilot and damn fine engineer.

Follow the story of her crew of Outlaws as they battle a nasty Corporation.






-A large plot which consists of 26 missions

-Action packed gameplay with engaging AI behavior

-Fierce battles in a classic arcade style


-Command 5 different ships, each with its own special ability


*Naughty – Using plasma projectiles the ship is capable of firing at a higher rate, dealing more damage

*Firefly – Deployable EMP mines will short-circuit any ship that they hit

*Phoenix – Deployable stationary Beam Accelerators will fire high intensity energy, dealing high amount of damage

*Beetle – Particle Accelerator fires a beam of high intensity energy, dealing massive damage

*Brutus - Seeker missile will fly toward the target and detonate on impact, dealing high amount of damage


-Lots of different enemies with abilities and Power-ups

-Excellent graphics with unique ship style

-Enduring survival mode

-Two levels that can be played endlessly to earn more credits


-NO ads or iAPPs

-This app does not track your location or shares any information with third parties

-The only thing that the app needs is an internet connection when you, the user, want to post / share our game on Facebook via in-game Facebook button


This app has no advertisements


More Info:


Download Instructions:



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