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Xposed Installer v3.0 alpha 4 (Update 20150630)

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Xposed Installer v3.0 alpha 4 (Update 20150630)

Requirements: 4.0+ ROOT

Overview: Xposed for Lollipop is finally here!




Note that this is still an alpha version and for Lollipop on ARMv7+ devices only.

Please install it only if you're willing to take the risk of boot loops. Just because it's working fine and stable for me doesn't mean it will work for everyone the same way. 


Known Issues

Devices with very little free space on /system may have trouble installing. This installer has been tweaked slightly over the 5.0 installer. It will attempt to move your original libraries off /system, install the framework, compress the original libraries and then move the compressed originals back to the root of /system.

If Xposed for Android 5.0 didn't work on your device, its unlikely this one will either. This is more or less the exact same source code, just an updated ART runtime. But feel free to try, just make sure you know how to backup and restore.


How To Test

You must be on Android 5.1. It will NOT work on Android 5.0 (too many changes to ART).

You should have a working recovery (the busted ass "OEM" TWRP releases that don't have busybox are not "working recoveries"). The installer will try to detect this ahead of time.

If you left the Xposed app installed from Android 5.0, you should disable all modules before installing this framework. Busted modules may keep you from booting after installation otherwise.

I will need Xposed logs (and possibly logcats) to debug any issues. Remember, if your device won't boot after installation, its likely you can reboot to recovery and still grab the Xposed log (assuming Zygote started). It will be in /data/data/ as error.log or error.log.old.





Those who had issues with installer version 3.0 alpha3 displaying the framework as not installed, please try 3.0 alpha4. ProGuard optimized a bit too much in one very specific case... unfortunately, this never appeared during development, just in the release build.

If modules aren't loaded after a reboot because modules.list wasn't found, try to disable/enable any module. This will write the file again.


One addition to the changes in framework v65: The ZIP files are now signed. This wasn't possible before integrating the custom BusyBox version as some recoveries failed to unzip the signed ZIP.


This app has no advertisements


More Info:'>>

Download Instructions: 



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