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Pastelz Full - Layers Theme v3.4

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Pastelz Full - Layers Theme v3.4

Requirements: 5.0+

Overview: This theme is NOT for the CM Theme Engine. Your ROM must support Layers and you must be rooted.




This theme has been tested on the following ROMS only!

• Cataclysm


• Purity

• Terminus

• Chroma

• Frank

• Project D.I.S.C.O.

• SlimRom

• MinOS



Other ROMS may work, but have not been tested. If I forgot a settings icon, or you discover any bugs please let me know here:


The full version of Pastelz has the following themed applications:


• Google Books

• Calculator

• Calendar

• CellBroadcastReciever

• Chrome

• AOSP Clock/Google Clock

• AOSP Contacts/Google Contacts

• AOSP Dialer/Google Dialer

• Chroma OTA Center

• Documents

• Google Drive

• Framework

• Gmail

• Google Docs

• Google Keyboard (use material light version)

• Google Movies

• Google Music

• Google Now

• Google Play Store

• Google Plus

• Google Services

• Hangouts

• Inbox

• Keep

• LockClock

• Google Messenger

• Google News Stand

• OmaDmClient

• OpenDelta

• Phone Settings

• Pushbullet

• Settings

• SystemUI

• Telecom

• Twitter

• Wallet

• WhatsApp

• YouTube


This app has no advertisements


More Info:'>>

Download Instructions:



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