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Graphing Calculator - MathPac+ v11.1

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Graphing Calculator - MathPac+ v11.1

Requirements: 2.2 and up, Modded GP or LP

Overview: Best Graphing/Scientific Calculator App.

Graphing Calculator Application designed for Comprehensive Mathematics & Statistics.


MathPac+ offers Precision, Accuracy and Affordability with a robust set of features not found on any competitor's product! We've changed our icon to match our iOS and Win-Mobile versions.

We are constantly updating and improving our APPs. I do have versions specifically for Tablets. If your interested just send me an email:-)

Mathematics portion offers:

- On-Screen Help

- Word prompts...Graphs w/Evaluate,

Pinch/Zoom, Pan, Trace, Min, Max, Intercepts, Intersections, Zeros, Tableview, dy/dx, Graph of Tangent Line, Limits, Integrals & Piece-wise Functions!

Also Factors, Slope-EQ, Sequences, Sums, Matrix Operations, Dot Products, Cross Products, 11-Regressions, Complex numbers, Degrees & Radians, a TVM Solver and of course a full function Scientific Calculator.

Statistics portion offers:

On-Screen Help, & Word Prompts, 8 Discrete Probability Functions,

9 Continuous Probability Functions - including Beta, Gamma & Weibull distributions!

All six 1&2-Sample Confidence Intervals,

All six 1&2-Sample Hypothesis Tests, and all come with graphs!

Direct Import of Lists from sdCard,

Regression Analysis w/T-Test, ANOVA, Dynamic Lists Transformations, Lists Operations, Factorial, nCr, nPr, Definitions, Formulas,

Dynamic: Histograms, Box Plots, Scatter Plots, Normal Probability Plots, & Pie Charts

We are constantly updating and improving our APPs.

If you find any issue with my Applications please contact me personally and allow me time to correct or adjust the issue. If a remedy cannot be found within 1 day or if you just want your money back I will gladly refund your entire purchase price. I want to provide a great utility that serves your needs and one that you are happy with!

What's New

I have changed a few lines pertaining to the SQLite db because of the several emails from users concerning the message "...lack of storage..." and subsequent freezes and crashes.

Please let me know if these changes resolve the storage issues. I cannot re-create the freezes or crashes on any my devices so I rely on your input to help resolve these issues.

Thank you,

Singh Kelly

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