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Strelok Pro v2.6.4

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Strelok Pro v2.6.4

Requirements: 2.3 and up

Overview: This smart ballistic calculator can use G1, G7 and... custom drag-functions! It can use Lapua radar data!




566 reticles database! Full reticles list you can see here: http://www.borisov.mobi/StrelokPro/android/reticles.html

1184 bullets database + 400 bullets with G7 ballistic coefficients

1630 cartridges database

This smart ballistic calculator can use G1, G7 and... custom drag-functions! It can use Lapua radar data!

Can calculate trajectory without using ballistic coefficient! 

Powder temperature considering.

Supports imperial and metric units. 

Supports density altitude. 

Can calculate spin drift, gyroscopic stability factor and vertical deflection of crosswind.

Can calculate Coriolis effect.

Supports Kestrel weather meters via bluetooth. 

Supports WeatherFlow wind meter.

Trajectory validation (truing) by speed or ballistic coefficient.

Can measure incline angle with phone camera

Can get current weather from internet

You can store you data to Dropbox or Google drive for back up and sync between devices

You can select target type from: round target, IPCS target (old and new), IPSC Universal target, IPSC Mini target, IPSC A4 target, IPSC A target, Combat EIC target, Red Point, ICFRA International F-Class Target (Long Range), F-Class Target (Long Range), IBS 1000 yards BR Target, Moose Target, Elk Target, White Tail Deer Target, Man silhouette target, Aoudad Target, Crow Target, Wild Boar Target, Coyote Target, Fox Target, Red Kangaroo Target, Gray Kangaroo Target, Rabbit Target, Rat Target, Pigeon Target, Marmot Target, Roe Deer Target, Prairie Dog Target

Field-proven accuracy since 2007

FYI: MIL and MRAD - this is the same.


What's New

1. Added reticles:

- MPT1, Vector Optics

- Mil Scale, US Optics

- MDMOA, US Optics

- HMD, Nikko Stirling

- MMD HFT, Meopta


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