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Super Simple Shopping List FULL v1.1.4

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Super Simple Shopping List FULL v1.1.4
Requirements: 2.2 and up
Overview: One of the simplest shopping list apps available
"There are no magical bells and whistles or outstanding features, which is what really makes the app great." – AndroidAppsReview.com (5/5)
"After trying many different shopping list apps I find this one very intuitive, minimalist and practical app to do your shopping, specially if you want to do a quick list without tons of unuseful features." – AndroidKI.com (5/5)
"Using a shopping list is definitely a smart idea and the Super Simple Shopping List app from bitwize10 is a great option for shoppers." – AppReviewCentral.net (4/5)

One of the simplest shopping list apps available!
To add an item, press the + button. Type the item and select color. That's it.
There's no settings, no options, no fancy features. It's dummies approved.
Use comma to add multiple items at the same time. Long press on item to edit, swipe to delete it.
Colors represent categories, and can be anything you want. For example: names of the grocery stores (Tesco, Kroger, Aldi, Costco, ...), opportunities (birthday, anniversary, Christmas, ...), shop sections (butcher, vegetables, drinks, ...), or whatever you wish. You may label the colors.
When you're in the shop buying stuff from the list, just tap the item to check it.
Note: when you install the app, it will be named just "Shopping List".

- swipe left or right on item to delete it.
- double tap on background to add item. The result is the same as pressing the + button.
- to add multiple items at the same time, you can also separate them with two dots (..). This is handy if your keyboard doesn't have a comma directly accessible.
In version 1.0.3 we added some configuration options. However, since we initially decided this app will not have any options, these options are not accessible from the menu. Instead, you add the "button" yourself, and remove it once you don't need it any more. These options will in most cases be set just once, and never again, which makes this approach very reasonable. The following options are available:
- font size: add item "text++" or "text--" to any color. Press the item, and the font will change (min 10, max 100).
- sorting of checked items: add item "checked-first" to any color. Press the item to toggle checked items before unchecked items. Add item "checked-last" to any color. Press the item to toggle checked items after unchecked items.

What's New
- Fix for widget on some devices.
- Widget.
- In-App purchase for new colors.
- Items can now be pinned. These, if checked, will not be deleted with "Delete checked".
- Further improved swipe to delete.
- Added hidden option "checked-last". Add this item to any color, and tap to enable moving checked items to the end.
- Reordered colors in add item dialog.
- New translations.

This app has no advertisements

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Super Simple Shopping List FULL v1.1.4.zip -  3.1 MB

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