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Court Ruled MegaUpload Founder Can Have His Property Back

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The High Court in New Zealand has finally delivered its decision, saying that police may not keep possession of assets seized more than two years ago on Kim Dotcom’s mansion. In other words, a potential appeal aside, MegaUpload founder may soon be reunited with his millions of dollars in cash, luxury cars, artwork, and other assets the police seized after the raid.


When Kim’s mansion in Hobbitland was raided in January, 2012, the reporters took thousands of astounding images of his luxury car collection being loaded onto trailers and taken away. The police didn’t prevent the reporters from taking the pictures, on the opposite – the authorities hoped those pictures would help to symbolize Kim’s fall from “power”. However, as you can see, 2 years later Dotcom might be burning rubber in them once again.

Just a couple days before the raid on Kim’s home, the authorities obtained foreign restraining orders to enable the seizure of his assets. Those orders are set to run out this week, so the Crown applied to the High Court to have them extended. Unfortunately for the US and local authorities, this application was turned down. This means that the businessman’s assets, including his car collection, millions in cash, artwork and other equipment, would soon be returned to him.

Of course, after the court decision was announced, Dotcom was celebrating on his Twitter. He added that when he gets his cars back, he’ll be treating members of his newly formed Internet Party to a day out racing. Dotcom promised to rent the Taupo race track for a track day with Internet Party members. But despite his understandable excitement, the Crown still has 2 weeks to file an appeal, and industry experts admit that it is almost certain to happen.

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