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Terrablock Premium v2.02.1

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Terrablock Premium v2.02.1

Requirements: 2.2 and up

Overview: The premium version of Terrablock includes, coloured blocks, bombs, penguins, sharks, wiring, lights, block movers and several other small additions such as character customization.


Terrablock is a platform survival sandbox game. In this top, bottom, left, right scrolling adventure you will come across resources, monsters, dangers, treasures and with these you will be able to create houses, traps, statues, gardens, castles and much more. It will unleash your creativity. Terrablock was inspired by games such as Minecraft, and Dwarf Fortress.

You will run around in vast, infinitely random generating, 2D blocky worlds and shape them to whatever you desire! Will you mine for the deepest ores? Or build the largest tree fort? Or slay the monsters that come out of the darkness? Or go spelunking in long lost dungeons? Or create the ultimate underground bunker? The choice is up to you; and all you have to do is begin!

*System Requirements - Please test with the free version first :)

I encourage you to voice your ideas in order to make Terrablock an even better game. Please report any glitches, crashes, textures oddities or any additions you want put into the game by emailing the developer.

This app has NO advertisements

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