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Internet Total Care: Data Boost v1

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Internet Total Care:Data Boost v1

Requirements: 2.3.3 and up

Overview: This App was created for those who want to increase their internet and browser Speeds AND Signal to all new levels with brand new technologies! Speed up your browser, or your music downloading, or just scroll through the market and get apps faster! We target internet boosting at its core and get deep into the system to get true optimizations of every aspect of browsing, not just one of them! You will immediately notice an increase in your browsing (as well as an increase of speed over time) and we have included WiFi control, opening internet control,and clean history/temp files/caches as well!






*Get CURRENT SPEED of your data in REAL TIME!

*Optimize 2G/3G/4G LTE settings and get the most out of your device!

*Boost Your Connection Settings With ALL NEW Data Performance Technologies

*Maximize Your Signal Immediately for newest and absolute best and most optimized browsing!

*Turn your phone into a mobile wireless router / hotspot and connect to your data plan with unlimited computers!

**You can choose to either use a password or use no password for your hotspot data

*Launch your browser instantly

*Clean up your caches after your done

*Automatically syncs your entire phone!


Toggles (show on/off automatically on startup):


*Control Wifi - quickly turning on and off


*Mobile Data

*GPS controls

*Airplane mode options (for Android < 4.4.2 as of recently)


Reasons to try:


* Extremely cheap costs

* Reliable support (we care about all issues you find)

* Technologies only found here

* Many more apps to optimize your phone are on the way!


Under the hood:


**Data streaming optimizations

**SMART Performance analysts mechanisms

**Optimized tcp rw reuse( and recycle )

**Optimized tcp Max tw buckets

**Technology**(Under the hood)

**Optimized TCP local port Range

**Optimized keep-alive time

**Many more



(Reminder) A quick reminder about the app:


**The hotspot feature works with almost every phone, however it is impossible to test on every single make and build and model. This feature will get better as we update

**Every optimize feature enhances your data speeds, if your phone is rooted, then it will be even more enhanced!

**Your phone does NOT have to be rooted to use any of the features in this app

**Simply write us about any issues you find and we will be glad to work out a solution!


Thank you everyone!


Remember to rate us 5 stars if you like us and watch for many more apps to come!


This app has no advertisements


More Info:


Download Instructions:



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Guest stfrone

This piece of shit will soft brick device dont use it

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Guest appollokillers1

as far as i can see in google play store,only have 6 ppl that review it,5  that gave 5 stars and 1 with 1 star,so i suppose that is very new app,even the version nr say that ,so it is possible to have  some problems and it is possible to give more problems to some devices too,do don't be to rough with it,just tell the problem to the owner and they might fix it,saying that in here it won't help making it work,but ty for the warning

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