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Battery Utility Pro v1.1.4

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Battery Utility Pro v1.1.4

Requirements: 3.2 and up, xposed 

Overview: Battery Utility the most advance Battery Saver with Advance Droid Tweaks 




This App helps you to understand the flow of Battery charging and detailed usage of the Battery, You will have fair idea on how your device being charged and the reason of being drained soon. You will be able to take appropriate action.To take appropriate action variety of tools were provided to to optimize your battery discharging model according to your battery usage pattern


Detailed help menu with explanation is provided on each utility usage


List of tools in this app to analyse and tweak hardware and settings to save battery are..


★ Advanced Battery Stats (Charging History and Graph to understand the Battery flow)


★ Battery Alarms (When battery Become Fully charged, Low, High Temp & Danger)


★ Battery History Data (Battery Usage, Charging Volt, Current usage)


★ Battery Graphical Stats (Chat View, Pie View & Stat View)


★ Battery Benchmark (Audio, Video, Browser ) Drain Test & Reports. Find our your self how long your phone can work.


★ Wake-lock Activities (Information to understand the background process by all apps)


★ Battery Wipe (Requires Rooting -Clears old battery stats info in your device)


★ Battery Calibrator (Requires Rooting - the process of Calibrate the battery 0 to 100%)


★ Battery Saver Profile (Save the battery depends on the Need - Many option is select different profile)


★ CPU Tweaks (Requires Rooting & Busy Box - keep your CPU Fast, Faster & Faster ) based on your wish.


★ Gaming Performance Tweaks (Install the Tweak & Play the Game without lag)


★ Sound Tweaks ( 5 Band Equalizer to improve the sound quality )


★ Storage & RAM Memory Tweaks (Requires Rooting - Keep the Ram clean & fast - Improve the Memory speed and clean and Junks)


★ Performance Tweaks (365 Fast, Once you updated check with any Benchmark your will come to know the result )


★ Sensor Delay Tweaks (Fastest, Gaming, UI, Normal) Modes


★ App Permission (Caution you about the installed apps requesting permissions regarding battery consumption and security threats)


★ Advanced Junk Memory Cleaner (Click all the Background Running Apps, saved empty files)


This app has no advertisements


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