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Espier Messages 7 Pro v3.0.6 Patched

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Requirements: 2.2 and up

Overview: Espier Messages 7 is a modern unified communication tool, which provides support for SMS, MMS, and eMessage (one like Apple's iMessage), is the best alternative of the stock Android Messages app. It also provides support for Emoji, which has been very popular in Apple's iPhone and iPad. Moreover, this app presents you the UIs in the popular flat style.


Everything can be a message! Espier Messages integrates SMS, MMS, and eMessage (one beyond Apple's iMessage). You can use it to send text, Emojis, pictures, audios, videos, and anything in your devices to your friends, whatever he/she is using Espier Messages or not.



1. eMessage - an enhanced messaging service beyond Apple's iMessage.

* eMessage not only provides the unlimited text messaging service for you and your friends, but also provides support for file transfer.

* eMessage uses INTERNET to send messages and transfer files between devices; it can save your carrier messaging rates.

* Hundred Emoji emoticons can help you to enhance the expression power of your messages.

* eMessage supports large files, not only the small pictures, audios, and videos as MMS does.

* Encrypted transfer to prevent your data from illegal spying.

2. Unified messaging technology - Make your messages/files always be delivered IN TIME an SECURELY.

* Espier Messages send text and pictures via SMS/MMS when your friend is not eMessage user or he/she is not online.

* Espier Messages sends text, pictures, videos, and any other files between two eMessage users online.

* When you send a file to a friend who does not use eMessage (or he/she is offline), the file will be uploaded to Espier's cloud temporarily and a short text message (SMS) including the download link will be sent to your friend.

* In order to protect your files from unauthorized downloads, you can set a download password for a specific file.

3. Personal message services and eCloud - wherever and whenever.

* Support for the management and maintenance of your personal card, which helps you share your personal card to your friends easily.

* You can store your notes, diaries, and cashes easily. Espier Messages will store these personal messages in the cloud. You can get these content on any Android device installed Espier Messages via your Espier ID, wherever and whenever.

* eCloud is a cloud service which acts as your private network drive.

You can store your important files in eCloud, and then share it to your friends.

4. Modern and user-friendly UI/UE designs.

* Apple's flat style user interfaces - they are simple and practical.

* You can mark conversations as your favorites. This will protect some important conversations from being accidentally deleted.

* Support for T9 intelligent matching - Easily find any contact from Contacts.

* Copy, delete, forward, and share messages/files.

5. The Advanced features of Pro edition:

* Removing the ad module;

* Using third-party Emoji packages;

* Upgrading the maximal size of your eMessage to 64KB from 4KB;

* Upgrading the space size of your eCloud drive to 4GB from 40MB;

* Upgrading the maximal size of one file being transferred to 1GB from 10MB.

Note that you can also install Espier Dialer 7 app to get the complete UIs and UEs in flat style. By using other Espier apps (Espier Launcher 7, Espier Notifications 7, Espier Screen Locker 7, Espier Control Center 7, and so on), your Android device will get a complete makeover.

Note: Apple, iPhone, iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the USA and other countries and regions around the world.

Note: iOS is a registered trademark of Cisco Technology, Inc. in the USA and other countries and regions around the world.



1. Other network resources:

* Please visit to get usage instructions and tips.

* Please visit ... r.message7 to communicate with the developer.

* Please join the Espier-Apps Google Groups (!forum/espier-apps) for easy communication with the developer and other users of Espier apps.

What's New

1. Optimize the implementation of Emoji to improve the stability.

2. Fix the bug of wrong handling one phone number into multiple phone numbers.

3. Fix other bugs .

This app has NO advertisements

More Info:

Code: ... ssages7pro


Download from ZIPPYSHARE.COM

Download from ZIPPYSHARE.COM

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