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Spartan Browser v3.2.0.1d

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Spartan Browser v3.2.0.1d

Requirements: 4.0 and up

Overview: Spartan™ – Super-Fast Internet and Web Browser



Spartan™ – Super-Fast Internet and Web Browser


Optimized for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Yahoo and Google

“One to rule them all” – Imagine finding the perfect Internet and web browser; Fast, Elegant and easy to use! Look no further as Spartan offers this; find out why over 5+ million people worldwide love using our free internet and web browser!

Spartanâ„¢ Features


✔Super-Fast: Access the internet faster, improved start-up and page load times


✔Incognito Mode: Browse the internet/web without your history being saved


✔Integrated Search Engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Baidu, Yandex and Android Search


✔Spartan UI: Enhanced so you can surf the internet/web easier with the larger buttons and clear layout


✔Social: Spartan works well with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn due to our special SN integration


✔Safe and Secure: Spartan Web Browser keeps your sessions secure using AT


✔Tabbed-Browsing: Improved tabbed-browsing which is integrated to be a touch away


✔Android: Exclusive to Android, have something that Apple will never get


✔Adobe Flash Player and Java: built using the same WebKit™ Engine that Opera, Chrome, Firefox and the main web browsers are using


✔Size: 1.89MB in size, we have cut down a lot of the features which are not used by the ordinary web-surfer meaning there’s less to load which equates to a faster browsing experience


Spartan is the best web browser for phones made by:

















Enjoying Spartan? Feel free to send us an email on how we can improve and make sure you +1 Spartan!


This app has no advertisements


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