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Hexy Launcher v0.10

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Hexy Launcher v0.10

Requirements: 4.0+

Overview: Make your home screen a canvas of hexagonal tiles that adapts to your most important apps.




** This application was built during one of SwiftKey’s innovation weeks and is being released in SwiftKey Greenhouse. It is not an officially supported product, instead it’s being supported by a small but dedicated team during our innovation time.**


Let Hexy organize your home-screen automatically, saving you time when searching for and launching apps. Hexy learns from the way you use apps in order to predict the app you’re most likely to want to use next.



* All your apps arranged in a hexagonal grid.

* A central hexagon that contains your apps Hexy learns are most relevant to you.

* Quickly filter the apps in your grid using the search bar.

* Add widgets for your apps and size dynamically.


Stay tuned: we’ll be pushing out updates to continue boosting Hexy’s IQ over the coming few months.



We’d love your feedback - please use the button in the app or visit http://vip.swiftkey.com/index.php?/forum/885-hexy-launcher/. We are specifically interested in feedback on how well Hexy predicts the applications you want to use next and what features you think it’s missing.



For more information on SwiftKey, our Innovation Days and SwiftKey Greenhouse




* First release


This app has no advertisements


More Info:


Download Instructions:



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Guest sameer23

Reminds me of Apple Watch

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