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tPacketCapture Pro v2.0.1

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tPacketCapture Pro v2.0.1
Requirements: 4.0+
Overview: tPacketCapture Pro does packet capturing without using any root permissions. tPacketCapture Pro uses VpnService provided by Android OS.
Captured data are saved as a PCAP file format in the external storage.

★ Differences between Normal and Pro Version ★
Pro Version include an Application filtering feature.
Application filtering is able to capture only a specific application communication.

If you want a more detailed analysis, please transfer the file to your PC and use the software handles PCAP format(such as Wireshark).

Please try the tPacketCapture(Free) before downloading the tPacketCapture Pro(Paid).
* Some device's VPN Service does not work correctly.
* tPacketCapture and tPacketCapture Pro can't write capture data on time when use a realtime media app.
For example, VoIP, youtube, etc.
(tPacketCapture and tPacketCapture Pro try to write all packets data to a file, but File I/O is too slow..)

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More Info:

Download Instructions:

tPacketCapture Pro v2.0.1.zip -  4.0 MB

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