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CM 12 TouchWiz S6 Theme v1.2

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CM 12 TouchWiz S6 Theme v1.2
Requirements: 5.0 +
Overview: You liked the new look of S6 ? So here is it the new TouchWiz Theme !

Its compatible with CM12, AICP, Vanir, BlissPop, CyanideL, Candy5, Euphoria, Resurrection Remix, Screw'd, Validus, Team UB, Dirty Unicorns, Fusion ROMs.

You can use theme for XXXHDPI / XXHDPI / XHDPI / HDPI


+ Fully themed Android
+ Fully themed SystemUI
+ Fully themed Dialer
+ Fully themed Messaging
+ Fully themed Contacts
+ Fully themed Music (Eleven)
+ Fully themed Settings
+ Fully themed File Manager
+ Fully themed Gallery
+ Fully themed Sound Recorder
+ Fully themed Calculator
+ Fully themed Downloads
+ Fully themed Theme Chooser
+ Fully themed Whatsapp
+ Fully themed Browser
+ Fully themed Calendar
+ Fully themed Power Menu
+ Statusbar icons
+ Navigation Bar Icons
+ S6 System Icons
+ S6 wallpaper
+ S6 lock screen wallpaper
+ Samsung Bootanimation
+ S5 Fonts (Waiting for S6)

Changelog Between S5 TouchWiz :

+ Fully Changed Dialer Design
+ Fully Changed Contacts Design
+ Fully Changed Messaging Design
+ Fully Changed SystemUI Design
+ Quick Settings Icons Designed With Circular Template
+ New App Themed (Browser)
+ New App Themed (Whatsapp)
+ New App Themed (Theme Chooser)
+ Changed All Other Apps Action Bar and Status Bar Colors More Materialized
+ Added S5 Fonts
+ Sound Recorder App Redesigned with White Theme
+ Some System App Icons Changed with New TouchWiz
+ New S6 Wallpaper
+ New S6 Lock Screen Wallpaper
+ Added Ringtone (Over the Horizon)
+ Added Notification Tone (Whistle)
+ Added Alarm Tone
+ Settings Icons Are Now Categorized with Same Colors
+ Added Some Missing Icons on Settings
+ Fixed Some Resolution Problems on Settings Icons

IMPORTANT NOTICE : S6 is only showed on MWC 2015. So there is no sources to import TouchWiz. I could only designed theme with Hands On Videos and some photos so please be kind and patient for real TouchWiz

IMPORTANT NOTICE 2 : Please dont review bad becuase of theme not working. If its not your devices fault not me. or If you have force closes Its not becuase of me Its becuase of cm theme engine. If you review bad becuase of something else dont give 1-2 star without comment. Just write why and I will take care of it. And please users just believe comments not stars

Instructions :

Install the app
Apply theme from Theme Chooser of Cyanogenmod
Reboot your device for see the all changes
Enjoy !

I cant decide every things to do only myself. I cant see every problems and missings so join G+ community ! :https://plus.google.com/communities/100047920574239322164

Notes :

Updating your Cyanogenmod source is highly recommended

Theme only compitable with CyanogenMod 12 and other ROMs Android Lollipop versions

Cyanogenmod theme engine still incompleted. So please dont review bad because of this problems

Please buy app from Play Store instead of pirate apk options from other websites to help me and help my work to contuniue

What's New
1.2 Changelogs >>
+ Changed Wallpaper
+ Added TouchWiz statusbar signal icons
+ All settings dashboard icons improved and edited for cm12.1
+ White background for Gallery

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More Info:

Download Instructions:

CM 12 TouchWiz S6 Theme v1.2.apk -  14.5 MB

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